An Obscure French Sex Ed. Book Has White Supremacists Riled Up

Lately a picture has been stirring outrage in white supremacist circles. It shows the pages of a book with French captions and a drawing of a white woman pregnant with a black child. To alt-righters, Neo-Nazis, and other racists the picture is part of a steady campaign to brainwash white people into marrying non-whites, which will culminate in what they’ve dubbed “white genocide.”

The picture comes from a French sex education book called Comment on Fait les Bébés — literally, “How Are Babies Made” — which was published in February 2018 by Nathan, a French publishing company. On September 4, Twitter user @DouceFrance__ tweeted two photos: one of the book’s cover, and one of the drawing of the pregnant white woman. The user wrote in French: “The miscegenation, it learns from the youngest age!”

The photo would soon be picked up by several other accounts associated with white supremacy.

On September 5, alt-right Twitter user @stevetweets13 tweeted the picture of the pregnant woman and wrote, “Why would a French sexual health book use a white woman having a black baby as their example? It’s not the default picture anyone starts with, is it?” They added, “Someone said ‘make the baby black’. Why is that?” The tweet received over 1,000 “likes” and was retweeted over 500 times.

French Sex Ed. Book
Image from Comment on Fait les Bébés

One Twitter user commented on @stevetweet13’s tweet, writing, “Words are beginning to fail me. Brainwashing again to make us think that this is how it should be.” Another simply called it “Degeneracy.” “Because the masters of the French want the genetic death of all French,” said @1kTimesWSandals. “How else could you explain this in the context of mass third world invasion?”

The same day the account @RealChadRight also tweeted the picture, and told followers, “If you are French and you aren’t spreading ‘Culture of Critique’ posters you are a cuck.” He added that they needed to “Fight against those who want you [white people] humiliated and dead.” The Culture of Critique is a book by anti-Semitic retired psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, and posits that Jews actively undermine white nations as part of a “group evolutionary strategy.”

Other white supremacists on Twitter, both English and French, followed suit, tweeting the photos and claiming it was part of a sinister plot to replace white Europeans.

By September 6 it had reached 4chan, an imageboard website known for spreading racist propaganda, including last year’s “It’s Okay To Be White” campaign. Anonymous posters devoted several topic threads to the subject and expressed their disgust with blacks and Jews, the latter of whom some blamed for the book. In one thread, a poster compared the child to a “massive turd.” Another wrote “Kill a kike tonight. We have to end this bullshit.”

Screenshot: 4chan

On 8chan, 4chan’s sister site, someone started a thread titled “THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF FRANCE.” In a response to the OP (“original poster”), one person lamented that “Frogistan” is “lost,” and is now a “place for kikes, muds, nigs and a few frogs left.” Another, who claimed to have “lived in Strasbourg France about a decade ago” wrote that France “looks like ground fucking zero for niggers.”

One user tried to be optimistic, telling the others, “Interracial stuff provokes an instinctive and immediate disgust reaction. If the reaction can be made volatile enough, the media brain programming won’t be able to contain it, and people will respond with disgust, anger and action.” Another angrily declared: “This is why ALL SUBHUMANS MUST BE EXTERMINATED.”

At Voat, a Reddit clone populated by white supremacists — as well as Pizzagate and QAnon true believers — a topic thread was started on /v/Identitarians. User 1Iron_Curtain claimed that the book “shows that the left is not even saying that race does not exist, but they are using it to push whites in a corner and say there is a need for more race-mixing and things like that because blacks are the future of the world or something along those lines.”

AdelaisNjall wrote, “I did not know humans can give birth to chimps!”

On September 7, the racist website Diversity Macht Frei denounced the book as “white genocide propaganda.” The blog’s author wrote that the book’s apparent answer to how babies are made is to “find a white woman and a brown man.” A reader who commented on the post said, “When we eventually find ALL the people responsible for this shit, I honestly believe there won’t be enough lamp posts for them and the carrion crows will be overwhelmed.”

The article was later reposted by The Daily Stormer, a popular Neo-Nazi website founded by Andrew Anglin. And at Reddit’s /r/The_Donald subreddit, one anonymous commenter posited that the woman in the drawing is “married to a French man, a native who is white,” and that he is either a “cuck” or “his wife was raped.”

It wasn’t just English-speaking white supremacist websites and forums that latched onto the book, however.

In a thread on the far-right French forum Avenoel, an commenter going by the name VAZYLA claimed that the book “teaches little girls to get BLACKED at an early age.” And at the Italian neo-fascist website, an article was posted with the title “PROPAGANDA: ‘GET PREGNANT BY AFRICANS.'” One reader wrote that there is a “certain perversion on the part of these women” who “love to mate with some apes.”

Today, even something as innocuous as a cartoon depicting a mixed-race family can be seized upon by white supremacists and woven into a grand conspiracy about a mythical plot to eradicate whites. And thanks to the power of social media, it can happen in a matter of days.

H/T Michael Edison Hayden