ICYMI — 1/10/17


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4chan Trolls Once Again Fail to Trick Feminists with #NoEqualityNoShower

Hugh Man
Hugh Man, reporting for duty!

After several unsuccessful attempts to goad Twitter feminists into embracing ridiculous hashtags like #FreeBleeding, #EndFathersDay, #PissForEquality, and #HillaryKillsPOC, the trolls at 4chan — the Internet’s septic tank — tried again with two new hashtag campaigns. The first, #NotAnotherMonster, is being used to try to fool feminists into pledging to abort their male fetuses. The second, #NoEqualityNoShower, is, well, pretty self-explanatory. And just like their previous attempts, the trolls utterly failed to convince anyone (save some naive conservatives) that they were feminists. Or women. Or actual people.

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