Headlines — 9/21/18

Lana Lokteff claims white men are being discriminated against, 3-D printed gun advocate Cody Wilson is charged with sexually assaulting a child, Alex Jones is cut off from PayPal, and more.

BuzzFeed News – Marc Randazza is fighting to keep Nazis and trolls on Twitter. Here’s why.
The Intercept – ‘Kick ass, ask questions later’: A Border Patrol whistleblower speaks out about culture of abuse against migrants.
Hatewatch – Navy vet with history of promoting Nazi, white supremacist ideas charged with possession of machine gun; Feds say he pledged to commit hate crime.
Right Wing Watch – Alt-right radio host: America is discriminating against white men.
The Daily Beast – Cody Wilson, 3-D printed gun advocate, charged with child sexual abuse.
Media Matters – Brett Kavanaugh’s character witness Mark Judge has extremely disturbing views about women (and Black and gay people).
Think Progress – Alex Jones and InfoWars banned from PayPal.
The Gauntlet – Meet the U of C student behind a popular alt-right Instagram page.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Crying Nazi Chris Cantwell: ‘I hope Kavanaugh really did rape that whore, and I hope she spends the rest of her worthless life crying.’
The Daily Dot – Calls for Rosenstein’s removal explode on far-right sites.
The Guardian – YouTube’s ‘alternative influence network’ breeds right-wing radicalization.