Nick Fuentes Bravely Defends ‘Handsome’ Wife Beater Rob Porter

Last week the Trump administration was rocked by yet another scandal: White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter being exposed as a domestic abuser by two of his ex-wives. On Wednesday, shortly after the news broke, Porter announced his resignation.

But despite the horrific details of Porter’s abuse, he was not without his defenders, chief among them President Trump, (soon to be former) Chief of Staff John Kelly, and Senator Orrin Hatch who smeared Porter’s ex-wives as “morally bankrupt character assassins.”

Now we can add alt-right America First host Nick Fuentes to the list for demonstrating how little he knows about domestic violence and sexual assault. Fuentes called it a “travesty” that “what seems to be a good man” was being judged as an abuser and forced to resign.

“[N]o police report was filed, there’s no documentation here for this, by the way, for any of this,” he said. “You know, you think that if you were a victim of an assault there would at least be a paper trail. If you’re some battered woman — ‘Oh he gave me a black eye, he kicked me when we were vacationing in Florence, Italy on our yacht!’ — you know you’d think at least you’d see a police report, at least you’d see in the divorce papers, at least you’d see, you know if there was a restraining order, let’s see the documentation!”

And, while I know this might be shocking to most of you, Fuentes is simply lying here. Porter’s first wife has photographic evidence of the black eye Porter gave her — an injury Porter chalked up to a vase “somehow” hitting her. The pair divorced three years later.

Porter married his second wife in 2009, and a year later she sought a separation from him. Later, after Porter punched a glass door in their home in a fit of rage, she filed a police report and received a protective order. In 2013 the couple divorced.

So, after pretending no documentation for Porter’s abuse exists, Fuentes continued his effort to paint him as a victim and lament that his “life’s going to get ruined.”

“Nowhere else on Earth, no other crime, in no other circumstance is this standard [of believing the accuser] applied,” he complained. “You know if I walk up to somebody, if I go into somebody’s house and I say, ‘Oh you just threatened to kill me. You just hit me! Oh, you just hit me, now — you assaulted me — and now you’re under arrest. And now you’re going to jail for assault.'”

(Just so Nick Fuentes understands this, people aren’t going to jail just on an accusation alone, including Rob Porter. In fact, most of the people exposed by the #MeToo movement will face no jail time whatsoever.)

And what, exactly, is to blame for all of this? Why, women’s liberation of course:

Nowhere else does this standard apply where the accuser has this much leverage, and this all goes back — by the way — a lot of this goes back to the fact, and this is kind of separate but this is in line with the ‘Me Too’ sort of business and the sexual assault, the sexual harassment and all of that.

We have think about the way that men and women interact. Ya have to think about what has transpired since women’s liberation. What has happened since women’s liberation? What has happened since women became so free, and we started hearing them roar, and they’re in the workplace, and they’re strong and independent?

And just about every year since that happened — whether you trace it back to suffrage, or you trace it back to them entering the workforce, or you trace it back to whatever, them being able to walk around naked in public and nobody cares — every year since that started to happen, the relationship between men and women has gotten worse.

[Emphasis mine]

Of course this is also the same guy whose sex doll fetish makes him yearn for a world where women are obsolete, so take that with a grain of salt.

But back to Rob Porter, whose fall from grace Fuentes called a “shame” because he’s a “handsome, educated, white male” — the most oppressed of all people. “So he can deny it all he wants, he can say he’s innocent all he wants but the women say he did, and the public has made up their mind, judge, jury, and executioner.”