Brittany Pettibone And Nick Fuentes Think Sexbots Pose A Danger To Feminism

On the latest episode of Brittany Pettibone’s Virtue of the West show, the alt-right continued its weird obsession with sexbots which, they believe, will cause the downfall of feminism. Pettibone asked her guest Nick Fuentes to comment on a video made by alt-right activist James Allsup called “FEMINISM’S WORST NIGHTMARE.” In that video, Allsup claimed that sexbots would eventually “solve the problem of Third Wave feminism.”

The premise is silly, blaming feminism for the dating problems of men everywhere. (ProTip: It’s not feminism’s fault that you can’t get laid, bro.) But it’s an argument that’s been repeated ad nauseum by white supremacists and men’s rights activists as of late.

Mike Peinovich, who’s allegedly in the process of divorcing his own wife over matters unrelated to feminism, certainly believes this.

And both Fuentes and Pettibone fall into the sexbots-are-the-death-knell-of-feminism camp as well. Of the burgeoning sexbot industry Fuentes said it’s “definitely a big threat” to feminism, as well as a “turning point…in the relationships between the sexes where you see that as feminism has eroded what it means to be a woman down to essentially being a sex object” who is neither a wife nor a mother.

He added that a sexbot could “probably do more things in terms of sexuality” than an actual woman “without the downside of the nagging feminist” who has too many “needs.”

And these sexbots will supposedly become so popular that women will be forced to return to the home, settle down, and have children — ostensibly to boost the white birthrate that Fuentes and Pettibone are so concerned about.

“I think this will be a real turning point where women and feminism will become bankrupt, and they’ll have to return to becoming everything that a woman means, outside of just the sexual object that feminism has degraded them into being,” Fuentes said.

This is wishful thinking on the part of Fuentes, who views feminism, marriage, and motherhood as somehow fundamentally incompatible. Most likely these robots will end up being popular among a niche market of sexually frustrated men and few else.

A YouGov poll shows that only 16% of U.S. adults would “consider” sex with a robot. Of the men surveyed, 28% said they would “consider” it. 33% of those surveyed (men and women) viewed sex with a robot as akin to masturbation, while only 14% viewed it as “intercourse.”

Ironically, it seems the use of sexbots does more to reduce women to a “sex object” and a commodity than feminism ever could have. The entire point of these sexbots is for men to be able to sleep with something that resembles a woman, but whose sole function is sexual pleasure. And a robot, unlike a flesh and blood woman, can never say “no.”

Pettibone claimed that women “have a natural desire to nurture” while men have a “natural desire to protect,” and complained that “when the women usurp the male role” they’re “emasculating men in a way.” And men who’ve had their fragile egos bruised in this fashion no longer desire those women.

Pettibone then said she found it “interesting” to see feminists “freaking out” about sexbots — though there appears to be more mockery than “freaking out” on the feminist side. Perhaps because it’s really funny to picture creepy dudes dryhumping hunks of plastic and circuits while thinking to themselves, “Checkmate, feminists!”