Tara McCarthy Urges Young, White Women to Start Having Babies to Save the White Race

Tara McCarthy

On the June 10, 2017 episode of her online show Reality Calls, British alt-right activist Tara McCarthy informed her audience that it wasn’t sufficient to merely argue online about how white a person can be in order to be considered European. Instead, she dished out some advice for young, white men and women. Specifically, guys need to get in shape and the ladies need to find a husband and give birth to a brood of little Aryans to keep the Master Race going.

“I think the most important thing is that we, as individuals, start to prepare for what we’re facing,” McCarthy explained. “So that’s why I’m particularly disappointed when I mentioned in one of my videos that I think everyone should be working out, for example, at least three times a week, and I get a lot of guys complaining and saying, ‘Why should I have to do that?’ in the comments.”

After all, she said, white men need to be “as fit and capable as possible” in order to prepare for whatever problems she believes white people will face in the near future. Although she added that there are plenty of fields men could become experts in, since the future ethnostate will need people to create military technology and water purification systems. Oh, and someone to make good memes. They can’t have a revolution without good memes.

And for the single ladies, it’s time to start finding a husband and having a bunch of kids, and the sooner the better. “For example, for the single women who listen to this show, I’d say it’s about time that you started looking for a husband,” she said. “That’s a necessary part of continuing our race. You have to reproduce.” As for when women should start husband hunting? McCarthy suggests as soon as they hit age 18, since “the younger you get married the more kids you can have.”