Headlines — 6/11/17


Jack Posobiec’s baseless claims go viral, hundreds of bigots march against Muslims, armed protesters get tricked by alt-right trolls, and more.

The New York Times – How pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec used a false tweet to create a runaway story.
The Huffington Post – The ‘March Against Sharia’ protests are really marches against Muslims.
Vice – Feds say Kansas shooting of Indian men was a hate crime.
The Root – Mo. parole board plays dumb games with prisoners, urging them to say words like ‘platypus’ and ‘hootenanny’ during hearings.
Salon – Is the alt-right really something new?
Houston Chronicle – Armed protesters at Hermann Park defend Sam Houston statue against a non-existent Antifa group.
Boston.com – Boston Pride parade crowd cheers Orlando nightclub shooting survivors.
+972 Magazine – Ending the Israeli occupation isn’t enough.
Slate – Trumpcare is on the march.
Media Matters – Pro-Trump media falsely claim accused leaker Reality Winner had ‘plans to join the Taliban.’