Breitbart Readers React to Ninth Circuit’s Travel Ban Ruling by Hurling Racial Slurs at President Obama

Breitbart Horror

On Monday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals handed down a decision upholding the injunction against President Trump’s Islamophobic travel ban — the second appeals court to have done so. And, unlike the Fourth Circuit’s more sweeping decision regarding the ban’s discriminatory intent, the Ninth Circuit made its decision on the far more narrow ground that it ran afoul of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

And commenters on the far-right Breitbart website reacted by (predictably) attacking the last President, because really why not? One likened former President Obama to a “king” and another blasted this and previous rulings as “stupidly stupid”:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 1

And it just went downhill from there, as one commenter revived the racist Birther conspiracy and another called Obama a “simian”:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 2

And it further spiraled out of control when a liberal commenter (yes, they’re rare but they exist) called out the pack of right-wing hyenas. One commenter, Skywolf, called her a “bag of wind moron” and boasted that he has a “master’s degree and a very successful career” — which I totally believe:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 3

Oh, and his “cock is rather large,” which is even more believable:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 4

Odds just increased that Skywolf is a broke neckbeard:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 5

And for some reason Jo thought Dodd-Frank — passed in 2010 — caused the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 6

But that’s not what you’re all here for, is it? Back to the racism:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 7

Breitbart 9th Circuit 8

Kerygma, who claims to be “Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, 2nd generation American,” referred to Obama as a “failed gay Super Negro” and called Section 8 housing a form of “economic slavery”:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 9

frankjohnson221 pulled the old “Obama’s half-white so I’m totally not racist” card:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 10

And now let’s segue back to the Birther and eugenicist bullshit:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 11

Breitbart 9th Circuit 12

Breitbart 9th Circuit 13

And a handful of idiots who understand neither the recent court decisions nor the Islamic faith:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 14

I get the feeling I know what “88” references here:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 15

Breitbart 9th Circuit 16

And Moa claims that Islam doesn’t qualify as a religion because, he says, it isn’t one “in the Western sense” and, thus, doesn’t qualify for First Amendment protections. This is utter horseshit and would get one precisely nowhere in court. All manner of beliefs are protected by the First Amendment — hell, even atheism is protected, and that’s damn sure not a religion in any sense. Just check out this Defense Department list of recognized religions.

Breitbart 9th Circuit 17

And ‘ole Harry Hotter claims that non-white immigrants have caused rapes and “gangrapes [sic] with extreme violence” have risen by 1000%:

Breitbart 9th Circuit 18