Andrew Anglin Says Women Want to be ‘Beaten and Raped’ in Juvenile Rant

Andrew Anglin

In a March 31, 2017 article for his Daily Stormer website, Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin responded to news of Brad Pitt’s post-breakup depression by denouncing women as “whores” and “objects” who should be stripped of their constitutional rights. In other words, it seems the pint-sized Führer is having lady problems — this time of the non-Filipina jailbait variety.

In his post, titled “Brad Pitt Losing Weight and His Mind After Whore Wife Ruins His Life,” Anglin prefaced his screed by writing, “This article is written for men, not intended for female readers. If you are a female, or a beta male white knight faggot, read at your own risk. You will be triggered.” Duly noted.

Anglin kicked things off with a rhetorical question: “You know what I hate more than anything of all?” If you answered “Jews” or “racial equality,” for once you’d be wrong. It turns out that his current pet peeve is the “claim that men who point out the horrible behavior of women are just losers who can’t deal with women.”

He said that this “social phenomenon” of men being blamed for their own lack of success with women is believed by both men and “the whores themselves”:

White men will tell other white men that if they are opposed to modern female behavior, or they are unsuccessful with women, it is because they are losers.

Of course, the statistical reality is that the average man is not a “loser” in the sense of being lower than the average man. He is the average. And by definition, the average man is good enough for the average woman.

This idea that every man needs to become the alpha male embodiment of masculinity just to get a girlfriend is totally insane. The fact is, when you give women rights, they destroy absolutely everything around them, no matter what other variable is involved. [Emphasis added]

For a brief second you can just barely see Anglin make sense. He’s correct that men don’t need to “become the alpha male embodiment of masculinity” in order to get a girlfriend. Plenty of people who don’t fit that ridiculous caricature of what a man is supposed to look and act like have successful dating lives and marriages. And guess what? Feminist women aren’t the ones pushing that myth. 

But Anglin’s response to this “alpha male” nonsense is to immediately decry women’s rights instead of the very anti-feminist and hypermasculine attitudes that create that and other harmful myths. “Even if you become the ultimate alpha male, some stupid bitch will still ruin your life,” he complained. Even someone as desirable as Brad Pitt can get dumped, which, he surmises, must be the fault of women writ large.

And it’s not just woman-hating that Anglin engages in here. Being a Neo-Nazi and all, it’s only fitting that he adds some racial paranoia to the mix. Tying anti-feminism to white supremacy, he declared that, “Our race is only going to continue to exist if we fix gender relations, and so anyone who promotes this type of a narrative is a traitor to the race. Anyone who sides with feminism in any way is helping to destroy our race.”

He advised men who are told they are not “good enough” for whatever woman they desire that they should call those people out for “supporting the feminist agenda against white men.”

And it gets worse — and more personal — from there. He wrote that white men need to start supporting one another, and that all men have “had our lives ruined by a woman, at least once,” that all men have watched their mothers destroy their fathers’ lives, that girlfriends and wives “have destroyed your life and blamed you for it,” and that women routinely destroy their own lives.

“We don’t know if this is because they are stupid, evil or simply incapable of controlling their own behavior, and it doesn’t really even matter.”

Anglin channeled his inner pickup artist, telling his male readership that women are totally attracted men like himself, and that they secretly desire to be violently abused:

Firstly, you are a special type of innocent little boy if you think women don’t like men who have the opinion of them that I have. Women crave men who call them stupid and claim they shouldn’t have any rights. They also crave being tied up, beaten and raped.

Again, if you don’t already know this, you don’t know anything about women, and you should relax and not get triggered by my statements.

If you adopt my ideology that women are purely objects and property, you will do significantly better in your dealings with women (though you will still get fucked over for sure, that’s just what women do, at least you’ll be in a place of power to deal with it).

Just find some man who has been exceptionally successful with women (someone who you can prove this of – men do lie about this) and ask him what he thinks of them. He will say all of this that I’m saying. Anyone who has actually be around women knows all of this.

His views are equally dismal when it comes to the subject of white nationalist women who, for all intents and purposes are on the same team. He doesn’t view it that way, however. Instead, he lambastes men who believe women can participate in (much less lead) political movements. Anyone who believes women can be “redpilled,” he insisted, is “entertaining the Jewish fantasy that women have morals, beliefs or ideologies.” Women, to him, are only useful insofar as they can give birth:

Women are not the same thing as men. All of their functions surround the act of birthing and caring for children. Men on the other hand have to create the environment where women are able to birth and raise healthy children, and so politics is of concern to them. This is evolutionary biology. It isn’t some grand mystery.

And what about people who read this word vomit and walk away with the correct impression that Anglin has some serious and unresolved issues with women? “If you say that men who question the behavior of women are “haters,” you are a beta white knight cuckold siding with the Jews and their agents – white women – against white men who are trying to save our race by saving our families.”

There you have it, folks. Straight from the horse’s ass.