Random Headlines — 5/29/15


The New York Times – George Pataki adds a socially liberal voice to the race for the GOP nomination.
OUT Magazine – North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory vetoes his state’s ‘religious freedom’ bill.
The Root – Study finds that black teachers are just as likely as white teachers to disproportionately punish black students.
The Atlantic – How Nebraska abolished the death penalty.
Think Progress – Sheriff Joe Arpaio is racking up legal fees in his racial profiling case and wants the public to pay for it.
Talking Points Memo – A Connecticut pastor was shot three times in a possible anti-LGBT hate crime.
NPR – Federal appeals court blocks Arkansas ban on abortion after 12 weeks.
The Guardian – Gender and racial bias can be ‘unlearnt’ during sleep, a new study suggests.
Jacobin – In supporting marriage equality, Ireland rejected the conservative structures that have shaped the country for centuries.

Random Headlines — 5/27/15

Credit: Diane Davis photographs/New York Public Library
Credit: Diane Davis photographs/New York Public Library

Raw Story – Photo shows rifle-toting Chicago cops posing with a black drug suspect like a hunting trophy.
The Daily Beast – The right-wing war on Lena Dunham.
AlterNet – The five most appalling ‘Christian’ defenses of the Duggars.
Feministing – Rape culture is a contract we never actually signed.
We Hunted the Mammoth – Toronto police are investigating a a pickup artist after he posted a video saying a woman should be ‘stabbed and cut up into tiny pieces.’
The Washington Post – Runner-up Rick Santorum is once again running for president.
Hurriyet Daily News – Muslim televangelist says that masturbating men ‘will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife.’
Joe. My. God. – Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore wants Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg impeached over marriage equality.

Conservative Troll Charles C. Johnson Has His Twitter Account Suspended

Poor guy. The Internet weeps for you.
Poor guy. The Internet weeps for you.

Charles C. Johnson, a conservative media troll known primarily for smearing alleged rape victims and dead children, seems to have — once again — gotten suspended from Twitter. It seems as though Johnson Tweeted what appears to be a thinly-veiled death threat against DeRay McKesson, stating that he was accepting donations for “taking out” the young activist. Johnson claims to have been “speaking metaphorically” and went on to, of course, accuse Twitter of censorship.

Johnson is also a suspect in a postering campaign against rape survivor Emma Sukowicz. Upon her graduation from Columbia University, Sulkowicz and many other New York City residents discovered obnoxious posters smearing her and author/actress Lena Dunham as “liars.” The campaign was linked to an online Twitter account called “Fake Rape,” which used Sulkowicz’s image as its avatar and accused her of “torturing” an “innocent” man — all while claiming to be nothing but an “art project.” Johnson had previously stated he was soliciting donations for an “art project” of his own, said he had something big planned for Sulkowicz’s graduation, and was among the first people to follow the @fakerape Twitter account. Johnson has denied any connection to the stunt, dismissing evidence of his involvement as a bizarre set of coincidences.

The good news? The @fakerape Twitter account has been suspended as well. Its photos of the posters were removed from the image-hosting website Flickr a few days ago, leading @fakerape to host them on Imgur. Which, as of this morning, has also removed its photos, most likely for violating its terms of service. Links to its old photo album appear to turn up a 404 Error page. The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher — a noted supporter of the now-defunct @fakerape account — Tweeted that the “[Social Justice Warrior] fascists win again.” One user replied to Treacher by saying, “Looks to me like only one side of these debates must toe the line to remain online.”

To make things even more amusing, the torn-down “Pretty Little Liar” posters defaming Sulkowicz and Dunham have been replaced by these:

Charles C. Johnson Excrement

This is an obvious reference to the rumor that Johnson, while a student at Claremont McKenna College, defecated on a dormitory floor. All I can say is, good job Internet. Especially to the members of the shadowy Social Justice Warrior organization which controls the mainstream media.

Random Headlines — 5/24/15


Talking Points Memo – Ireland becomes the first country to legalize marriage equality by popular vote.
– When the gangbangers are (mostly) white guys.
Media Matters – Why Fox News has refused to cover a recent terror plot.
San Jose Mercury News – Candlelight vigil held for victims of last year’s Isla Vista rampage.
Salon – Debunking the phony case that more guns will stop crime.
AlterNet – Why the right’s panic about the Boy Scouts’ gay ban reversal is based on an urban legend.
Raw Story – Mike Huckabee says the next president must obey ‘Supreme Being’ instead of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage.
Think Progress – The Family Research Council’s strange statement on Josh Duggar’s child molestation confession.

Return of Kings Writer B. R. Crumb: Men Should Avoid Dating ‘Raped Chicks’

Columbia Protects Rapists

In an article for Return of Kings — pickup artist Daryush Valizadeh’s steaming pile of online misogyny — writer and “web developer” B. R. Crumb wrote that men should “shoulder the responsibility for ending rape culture” by refusing to date “raped chicks.” Echoing claims made last year by right-wing author George F. Will about rape victims enjoying a “coveted status,” Crumb wrote that women are “fond of falsely crying rape” because “being known as a rape victim is all upside, no downside.” (Other than the physical and psychological trauma, rumors being spread about your sexuality, sexists running through your personal life with a fine-toothed comb, getting doxxed by Internet harassers, and being branded a “liar” and a “slut” by disbelievers, that is.)

Crumb also waxed nostalgic for a bygone era in which rape victims “could be judged unfit for marriage,” and stated that society used to regard rape as evil “only secondarily because of the emotional turmoil a raped chick experiences as she orgasms underneath her alluring, bad-boy attacker.” However, while Crumb encourages RoK readers to “say you won’t date raped chicks” so as to discourage women from “crying rape,” he nevertheless maintains that it is at least acceptable to sleep with them. After all, he wrote, “in many cases a chick who claims to have gotten raped is the closest thing to a guaranteed freak you can find”:

The feminists are right. Men must shoulder the responsibility for ending rape culture, and the way we do it is this: Never date a raped chick.

Next time you hear (or hear of) a chick claiming she got raped, what you should do is nothing. Don’t confront or antagonize her. Don’t question her motives. Certainly don’t quibble over the particulars of the raped chick’s story; even if you prove she’s lying, the world will still insist she’s a victim (see: Jackie Coakley, formerly of UVA).

And don’t date her. Simple as that.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you forego banging a raped chick (after getting her written consent, notarized and in triplicate). Outside of a girl who is currently in the process of going ass-to-mouth with you, in many cases a chick who claims to have gotten raped is the closest thing to a guaranteed freak you can find.

But, whatever else you may do to her, do not date her.

Girls are fond of falsely crying rape because in the sexually liberated West, being known as a rape victim is all upside, no downside. Raped chicks are praised for heroism and bravery. Other people lavish attention on them, and ask them to speak about themselves at length, which for chicks is like crack cocaine.

In extreme cases, raped chicks have leveraged their purported suffering into international acclaim and seven-figure book deals.

It bears mentioning that raped chicks have always been coddled and comforted (at least in the West), and in that regard, they are not so different today than before. But in times past, that coddling took place behind closed doors, among family. It was private and there was no way to leverage it into unusual status.

Rape was kept private is because it held terrible implications for the raped chick’s future. If she were single, she could be judged unfit for marriage. If she were married and gave birth soon after the rape, the child would be regarded with suspicion if not outright labeled a bastard.

Our society came to regard rape with such gravity primarily because of these things, and only secondarily because of the emotional turmoil a raped chick experiences as she orgasms underneath her alluring, bad-boy attacker.

. . .

Realize that we are fighting a war of disinformation, against an unprincipled enemy that is openly contemptuous of the truth. Nothing could be more tediously unproductive than arguing over facts with an opponent who has chosen to forego them. To win this fight, you have to hit the bitches where it hurts.

And for most chicks, that means attacking their romantic prospects—or, more fundamentally, their attractiveness. Even the most manjawed cunt secretly harbors fantasies of locking down a good man, marrying him, and thereby trebling her disposable income. Chicks will cry rape if it means endless, adoring attention with zero associated cost. But they won’t if they think getting raped renders them unattractive in the eyes of men.

. . .

First, don’t seek opportunities to voice your aversion to dating raped chicks. Wait for someone else to bring it up.

Second, explain your position with sympathy for raped chicks, even expressing regret that you couldn’t date one. Never dating raped chicks isn’t retributive. It’s simply something you, as a man, feel compelled to do.

Last, don’t take individual responsibility for never dating raped chicks. Explain that allmales feel this way; the testicular fortitude to own your feelings is all that distinguishes you from the mass of men.

. . .

This is a 10-megaton truth bomb, and your interlocutors will likely be angry and confused in its wake. Don’t expect them to agree with you, but don’t argue the point further. Once you’ve planted the seeds, step away and give them time to grow.

This is admittedly a long-term strategy. But if we band together in this effort, then someday, in the not-so-distant future, a 6.5 will find herself in her dorm room, regretfully recalling the night she got pounded out by the captain of her college’s club soccer team… and she’ll idly contemplate crying rape.

But then she’ll remember how much she likes the captain of the club swim team, and she’ll consider the impact crying rape would have on his opinion of her. And she’ll think better of her little lie.

And when she does, it will be because together, we took a stand against ever dating raped chicks.

It should be reiterated, of course, that RoK founder Daryush Valizadeh is, himself, an admitted rapist who advocates the preposterous idea that society should prevent rape by legalizing it.

Random Headlines — 19 Kids and Cancelled Edition

19 Kids

KSBY.com – Isla Vista massacre victims memorialized with a remembrance garden.
Jezebel – Another one of Paul Nungesser’s victims speaks out after Emma Sulkowicz is called a ‘Pretty Little Liar.’
Salon – How attempts to discredit rape survivors stand in the way of real change.
Mediaite – Josh Duggar admits to having molested several children and resigns from the Family Research Council.
LGBTQ Nation – TLC yanks 19 Kids and Counting from schedule amid Josh Duggar’s molestation confession.
Raw Story – Iowa lawmaker opposing LGBTQ youth conference admits he has no idea what ‘LGBTQ’ means.
Elle – The Girl Scouts stand firm on welcoming transgender scouts, despite the conservative backlash.
New York Times – Boy Scouts’ president Robert Gates calls for an end to the ban on gay leaders.
Media Matters – Gun group whose leader was linked to white supremacists to host Ted Cruz.

Misogynist Posters Target Rape Survivor Emma Sulkowicz on Graduation Day

Credit: aljazeera.com
Credit: aljazeera.com

You may remember Emma Sulkowicz as the Columbia University student and rape survivor who protested her university’s handling of her sexual assault case by carrying her mattress with her around campus. While many of Sulkowicz’s classmates have been supportive of her, she’s also faced a deluge of criticism and hate. She has been denounced as a liar by men’s rights activists and other far-right anti-feminists. Her alleged rapist, Paul Nungesser, is currently suing Columbia University for failing to sufficiently protect him from Sulkowicz’s performance art — which he considers “harassment.” In an incredibly petty move, Columbia President Lee Bollinger reportedly refused to shake Sulkowicz’s hand at graduation.

To dampen the mood even further, New York City residents were greeted with an unpleasant discovery this morning: Multiple posters were found plastered on walls, windows, and mailboxes — even hanging from telephone wires — which featured her picture and denounced her as a “pretty little liar.” Others featured actress and author Lena Dunham with the caption “BIG FAT LIAR.” Both versions included the hashtag #RapeHoax.

So far, the person or persons responsible for this smear campaign have not revealed their identities, but a Twitter account by the name of “Fake Rape” recently sprang up and, using Sulkowicz’s photo as its avatar, published photos of the posters and peoples’ reactions to them. Some photos depicted the posters being torn down by passersby and even some Columbia graduates still dressed in their caps and gowns. Referring to them as Brownshirts, “Fake Rape” wrote, “So much for freedom of speech!” Evidently “Fake Rape” is too dim to understand what constitutes an abridgment of the First Amendment.

Some speculated that slimy conservative provocateur and yellow-journalist Charles C. Johnson was responsible, though he denied any involvement on Twitter. For good measure Johnson added that he “would have called her a dumb slut.”

One possible culprit is an LA-based right-wing street artist who goes by the name “Sabo.” The “PRETTY LITTLE LIAR” and “BIG FAT LIAR” posters are thematically and stylistically similar to Sabo’s other street art pieces, which often carry sexist or racist messages. For example, Sabo was responsible for the atrocious “Abortion Barbie” posters attacking Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, as well as a slew of posters which similarly attacked Lena Dunham as a liar who harbored “rape fantasies.” (He also ludicrously refers to himself as the “Greatest Political Artist Since [Francisco] Goya.”) In addition, Sabo has Tweeted about the Sulkowicz and Dunham posters, cryptically writing that “someone’s been busy.”

So far Sabo has not issued a definitive statement on the posters, though he recently Tweeted the message, “I get blamed for everything man!!!” Yet while it’s unknown if he had any involvement in the posters’ creation or if he merely inspired other like-minded misogynists and rape-deniers, what is clear, however, is that Sabo and the owners of the “Fake Rape” Twitter account are not alone in their distrust of women who claim to have been raped.

The notorious men’s rights website A Voice for Men put out a statement in support for the anonymous artists:

We do not know who these people are though we have our suspicions and all we can say is we seriously wish them well. Except they may be too kind to Emma Sulcowicz [sic], and they don’t seem to have saved energy for the scumbags who made her famous.

AVfM columnist Suzanne McCarley, who retweeted several Tweets from the “Fake Rape” account, chimed in by accusing Sulkowicz of “toting a mattress around as a false accusation.”

At The Daily Caller — a conservative “news” site founded by rape apologist Tucker Carlson — Jim Treacher wrote, “These days you can’t turn around without running into somebody who’s making a false claim of rape to get attention. … If you’re as sick of these liars as I am, [these posters] will be a welcome sight.” The comments section was equally terrible. “Ugly little liar is more accurate,” wrote commenter “johnholliday.” Another who went by the name “skhpcola” wrote, “#EmmaSulkowicz is definitely a liar. She may be little. But this hag is ugly all the way to her black, evil heart.”

This is all standard fare for how we treat rape survivors in America. Although false rape claims are a vast minority — somewhere between 2 and 8 percent — women are almost always treated as crazy or vengeful liars seeking to smear innocent men. In reality rapists rarely get the punishment they deserve due to a myriad of factors, both legal and cultural. Perhaps this was best outlined in Jon Krakauer’s masterful new book Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town, which ought to be mandatory reading for anyone interested in how societal ignorance and rape myths fuel our constant mishandling of rape cases.