Trump-Supporting Radio Host Rants About Putting Trans People in Concentration Camps

Dropping acid while listening to this isn’t required, but it helps.

Christopher Cantwell, the host of The Radical Agenda, describes himself as “an Anarchist, an Atheist, and an Asshole.” He’s also a fairly diehard supporter of Donald Trump, as he has indicated in the past, due to the Republican nominee’s anti-immigrant policies. On the September 2, 2016 episode of his podcast, Cantwell praised the “harsh” tone of Trump’s recent immigration speech, before segueing into a vicious tirade justifying the murder of transgender people. Continue reading “Trump-Supporting Radio Host Rants About Putting Trans People in Concentration Camps”

Matt Heimbach: Wealthy Jews are Bankrolling Trump Protesters

Matt Heimbach
Make America white again?

Matthew Heimbach — the founder of the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party — recently sat down to interview John Friend for his podcast at Radio Aryan. Friend, who just last year lost his job when his employers discovered his connection to virulently anti-Semitic organizations, discussed the protests against Donald Trump which both he and Heimbach asserted were funded by the likes of George Soros (a longtime bogeyman of the right) and other Jewish financiers.

Continue reading “Matt Heimbach: Wealthy Jews are Bankrolling Trump Protesters”

Guillaume Faye: Muslim Immigration Will Cause the ‘Suicide’ of the White Race

Guillaume Faye.PNG

Last October the National Policy Institute — a white supremacist think tank — held its “Become Who We Are” conference in Washington, D.C. Several prominent White Nationalists and other far-right figures attended, including French writer Guillaume Faye, who gave a racist speech on immigration and Islam. Continue reading “Guillaume Faye: Muslim Immigration Will Cause the ‘Suicide’ of the White Race”

Return of Kings Columnist Wants to Create an ‘International Boarding School’

The school of tomorrow. Today.

Over at Return of Kings, columnist Jean-Batave Poqueliche penned an article about his desire to create his own “international school” for, as the tag line says, “Forging the masculine young minds and the devoted women of tomorrow.” Poqueliche wrote that a “debate is raging among us who want to have children about education,” with some being “strong partisans of homeschooling.” Poqueliche cannot imagine an education for his (hypothetical) “progeny” without “being with their peers,” but would never place them in “today’s toxic school system.” Continue reading “Return of Kings Columnist Wants to Create an ‘International Boarding School’”

RamZPaul Explains the Alternative Right on Return of Kings

The Great Dictator

In a January 5th, 2016 article for Return of Kings, white nationalist vlogger Paul Ray Ramsey (better known as RamZPaul) defined the Alternative Right. Ramsey explained that, as a child, he was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian household. He was taught to believe in “Jesus, Israel, demons and The Rapture.” He was taught that the world was “a scary place full of evil, demonic activity and sins,” and some of the greatest sins were “rock music and boys with long hair.”

The hippies, as he recalled, were the counter culture and fought against the “Establishment.” Today Ramsey views the Alt Right as the counter culture, with PC liberals and traditional conservatives being stand-ins for the Establishment. “Jack Kerouac has become RAMZPAUL,” he wrote. Continue reading “RamZPaul Explains the Alternative Right on Return of Kings”

Paul Elam: Roosh Valizadeh is ‘Full of Shit,’ and Pickup Artists Have an ‘Almost Sociopathic Attitude’

Paul Elam Clip.png

On the latest A Voice for Men podcast, Paul Elam and co-host James Huff took shots at pickup artists in general and Roosh Valizadeh in particular. The source of their ire? Comedian Jimmy Kimmel recently lampooned an ineffectual boycott of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by the folks at Roosh’s Return of Kings website, which Kimmel inaccurately labeled a “men’s rights” group. Continue reading “Paul Elam: Roosh Valizadeh is ‘Full of Shit,’ and Pickup Artists Have an ‘Almost Sociopathic Attitude’”

Incel Blogger Praises Mass Murderers James Holmes and Seung-Hui Cho

James Holmes Seung-Hui Cho

Over at Rants of an Incel, an involuntarily celibate blogger (who remains anonymous for good reason) decided to honor some unusual “heroes.” First is James Holmes, the orange-haired maniac who murdered twelve people and wounded seventy others at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises at a theater in Aurora, CO. Continue reading “Incel Blogger Praises Mass Murderers James Holmes and Seung-Hui Cho”

Stefan Molyneux and Linda Gottfredson Promote Scientific Racism

Gottfredson Molyneux

Linda Gottfredson joined Stefan Molyneux for the December 29th broadcast of Freedomain Radio, entitled “Race, Evolution and Intelligence.” Using recycled claims from The Bell Curve — a notorious book by Richard Herrnstein (1930-1994) and Charles Murray — Molyneux asserted that there is a racial hierarchy as far as IQ distribution is concerned. Continue reading “Stefan Molyneux and Linda Gottfredson Promote Scientific Racism”