Random Headlines — 19 Kids and Cancelled Edition

19 Kids

KSBY.com – Isla Vista massacre victims memorialized with a remembrance garden.
Jezebel – Another one of Paul Nungesser’s victims speaks out after Emma Sulkowicz is called a ‘Pretty Little Liar.’
Salon – How attempts to discredit rape survivors stand in the way of real change.
Mediaite – Josh Duggar admits to having molested several children and resigns from the Family Research Council.
LGBTQ Nation – TLC yanks 19 Kids and Counting from schedule amid Josh Duggar’s molestation confession.
Raw Story – Iowa lawmaker opposing LGBTQ youth conference admits he has no idea what ‘LGBTQ’ means.
Elle – The Girl Scouts stand firm on welcoming transgender scouts, despite the conservative backlash.
New York Times – Boy Scouts’ president Robert Gates calls for an end to the ban on gay leaders.
Media Matters – Gun group whose leader was linked to white supremacists to host Ted Cruz.