Headlines — 12/13/19

There is no longer a fifth Supreme Court vote to protect abortion rights, an antisemitic pastor speaks at Trump’s Hanukkah party, Airbnb bans scores of white supremacists after Iron March forum leaks, and more.

Rewire.News – Supreme Court confirms there is no fifth vote to protect abortion rights.
Right Wing Watch – Instagram and Facebook suspend right-wing ‘comedian’ Owen Benjamin.
Media Matters – CBS presents Infowars host Will Johnson as a random Trump supporter.
The Intercept – The government has taken at least 1,100 children from their parents since family separations officially ended.
VICE News – India’s new citizenship law specifically excludes Muslims.
Haaretz – Original target of Jersey City shooting may have been Yeshiva full of children, mayor says.
HuffPost – Pastor who says Jews are going to Hell speaks at Trump’s Hanukkah party.
Gizmodo – Airbnb bans over 60 white supremacists after Iron March forum database leak.
Humungus – The twisted masculinity of pro-Trump art.
The Mary Sue – Let’s stop giving Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt with these “jokes” about a third term.