Congressional Candidate Tells White Nationalist YouTube Host That ‘Demographics Is Destiny’

Recently Peter D’Abrosca, the white nationalist-backed congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 7th district, made an appearance on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. During his appearance D’Abrosca, an enthusiastic supporter of the racist “groyper army,” promoted the key pillar of his campaign: a ten-year moratorium on legal immigration.

But D’Abrosca is not the only Republican candidate with white nationalist ties seeking to make a splash in 2020. Joshua Foxworth of Texas’ 14th congressional district pledges to “enforce immigration laws” and “end affirmative action” — and appeared on a YouTube show hosted by white nationalist Vincent Foxx.

During the episode, released on December 15, 2019, Foxworth railed against “diversity programs,” affirmative action, immigration, same-sex marriage, and pornography. And he echoed white nationalist rhetoric on demographics, which he believes will irrevocably alter the political landscape in states like Texas.

With regard to relying on foreign labor in tech jobs, Foxworth said there is a “mythology that I hear repeated a lot” that “there’s a shortage of skilled labor in this country — both technical and medical and engineering-wise.” He called this “categorically and absolutely false” as well as “personally insulting to me and to my family.”

“[W]hat you’re saying is that I and my children do not possess the technical ability to carry on the civilization that our ancestors founded and left for us, so we then have to bring in people who are more intelligent, who are better skilled, and are highly better trained to carry out our civilization for us,” Foxworth claimed.

He went on to say that he “would consider that personally insulting … even if it was true that this other civilization was more advanced than us,” and that the “majority of these H1B, OPT, all of these various types of worker visas — especially in tech — come from India, a nation whose education system is woefully inept compared to ours.”

With regard to foreign policy, Foxworth said we “our military should be on our border, defending our lands from these foreign invaders who are just freely walking in.” Vincent Foxx even floated the idea of “invading Mexico” in order to “completely destroy” the drug cartels instead of fighting wars which, Foxx said, benefit only Israel.

Later on, Foxworth remarked that “everything is downstream of immigration,” and called himself a “big believer in that demographics is destiny.”

Foxworth said that “these cultures that we’re bringin’ in from Mexico, Guatemala, all of these nations south of the border, they come here and they — this is their culture, they want to retain that culture” which is “anti-Second Amendment.” The phrase “demographics is destiny” is widely popular among white nationalists.

On Twitter Foxworth has repeated these same themes. He has frequently categorized undocumented immigration to the U.S. as an “invasion.” On November 23 he wrote, “Our nation is being invaded by people who have bought off our congress to allow this invasion through refugees.” Foxworth believes this “invasion” will cause “Texas, Florida, and the nation” to “go forever ‘blue.'”

On December 10 he claimed that “[o]ur ancestors founded the universities that dot this nation” while “[o]ur children are discriminated against when trying to get in.” The next day he tweeted that at “every college campus in the nation” “[o]ur culture and our history is demonized” and “[o]ur demise is discussed as something to be lauded.”

Foxworth has also publicly supported and defended vocal white nationalists and antisemites. He has, for example, repeatedly stood up for the so-called “groyper army” — the band of racists led by Holocaust-denying YouTube host Nick Fuentes who disrupted events sponsored by TPUSA.

“The groyper movement is about a lot more than young men and women crashing events and asking questions that the organizers don’t want asked,” he boasted. “It’s about uncovering the fact that conservatism inc has betrayed those young men and women.”

In a tweet from November 4, he reached out to self-identified groypers who wished to work on his congressional campaign. “If there are any of you groypers that want to volunteer to help a political campaign that aligns with your views, DM or email me,” he announced. “I am building a political movement for my campaign and to help good candidates in the future.”

That same day he tweeted that the “‘groyper’ movement is already manifesting in campaigns like mine and other similar ones,” and that they “oppose the moral bankruptcy that our ‘leaders’ support” and the “abandoning of our nation and people in favor of foreign workers and values.”

Foxworth Groyper

On August 27 he denounced YouTube’s decision to ban the accounts of white nationalist website VDARE and virulently racist “alt-right” activist James Allsup. (VDARE’s channel was later restored.) And on November 18 he tweeted one of his political ads and, in a follow-up tweet, tagged the accounts for Nick Fuentes, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Stefan Molyneux.

In addition, Foxworth currently follows a number of prominent white nationalist and alt-right Twitter accounts, including Lana Lokteff, Peter Sweden, Ethan Ralph, Jake Lloyd, VDARE, The Columbia Bugle, Nick Fuentes, Orwell & Goode, Center for Immigration Studies, Faith Goldy, FAIR, NumbersUSA, Scott Greer, Paul Ramsey, Battle Beagle, Katie Hopkins, and Stefan Molyneux.