Patrick Little Wishes You A Very Racist Memorial Day

During Sunday’s episode of The Public Space, Neo-Nazi Patrick Little stopped by to boast about the progress of his Jew-bashing senate campaign against Dianne Feinstein. When Jean-Francois Gariépy, the show’s host, asked Little about why it’s important to explicitly say the Jews control the media, finance, etc. rather than blaming some vague “elites,” Little said the “dog whistle shows a complete lack of situational awareness.”

He explained to Gariépy that the situation, as he sees it, is that “we’re dominated by a hostile foreign power that continuously taxes us” and “uses the money” to fund its own “expansion.”

Little compared the relationship between the modern U.S. and Israel to that of the 13 colonies and Great Britain, stating that the founding fathers didn’t mince words when they blamed King George III for their ills, and that modern Americans shouldn’t either when blaming Jews.

And he continued this historically illiterate train of thought by declaring, “No taxation without representation. Until I’m allowed to run for senate in Israel as an American, we can’t send our taxes there. No taxation without representation.” He even suggested tossing Israeli-made fidget spinners into the “San Francisco and Oakland harbors” in lieu of dumping tea — because fidget spinner sales are a large component of the Israeli economy.

Little told Gariépy that he calls his campaign the “Little Revolution” because “[t]hese are revolutionary ideas, just like at the time in 1774 and 1775… These outrages that are being done to the American people, this loss of blood and treasure just like when we lost people in the Boston Massacre — this is blood and treasure going to a foreign power that is doin’ very evil things.”

Finally he connected his racist tirade back to, of all things, Memorial Day, saying:

And let’s put America first and declare our independence from the terrorist state of Israel. And on this Memorial Day, let’s honor the fallen that were butchered by Jewish supremacists in terrorist false flag attacks like the U.S.S. Liberty [bombing].

A ridiculous statement, but probably no more so than the rest of Little’s diatribe. The “false flag attack” on the U.S.S. Liberty that Little mentioned refers to an incident in which a Belmont-class technical research ship was bombed by the IDF on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War as it sailed the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the Israeli government at the time, the U.S.S. Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian naval vessel — a conclusion the U.S. government similarly arrived at. The Israeli government paid millions of dollars to the families of the 34 men who died in the attack, and similarly compensated the wounded.

Of course, even on the slim chance that the IDF deliberately targeted an American ship, this is still not a “false flag attack,” which would imply they were attempting to frame another country or organization for the strike. And it should go without saying that, whatever crimes are being committed by the state of Israel, Little only undermines the cause of Palestinian rights by linking anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism better than anyone on the Left ever could.