The Alt-Right Shows Off Its Artistic Talents With Embarrassing ‘It’s Okay To Be White’ Song

White nationalists aren’t shy about what they consider the achievements of the “white race,” including science and technology, philosophy, and the arts. Race and IQ fetishist Charles Murray dedicated an entire book to it in 2003. Yet even if we accept their dubious premise that white people are somehow uniquely gifted, among white nationalists such gifts are evidently lacking.

It seems that when they’re not screwing up their online fundraisers, political campaigns, and careers, they’re butchering literature with cringe-inducing short stories and poems like Dear White Libtard and My Struggle, A Short Story About Adolf Hitler. Still, in spite of this distinct lack of accomplishments, a few white nationalists created what they’ve dubbed the White Art Collective.

According to its “About” page, the White Art Collective is a “collection of Alt-Right, Hard-Right and Pro-White artists whose mission is to preserve, promote, celebrate and expand upon our shared European culture.” The website even features Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” which stands in stark contrast to the quality of the White Art Collective’s content.

White Art Collective
Not quite on par with Michelangelo.

Of the six musicians the website lists, including the recently unmasked Byron de la Vandal, one of them, Bryn Dolman, produced an electronic song called “It’s Okay To Be White” — in honor of a racist 4chan campaign, of course. The music itself feels monotonous, especially when paired with Dolman’s lifeless vocals. It’s as if Depeche Mode was depressed, racist, and hated humanity.

In reading the lyrics it’s hard not to get lost in the blandness of it all:

Sunbeams rest in suspension,
Like heavenly blades.
Berthing at the surface,
Of her tender, pale skin.

The sound of our children’s voices,
Rings the air.
The little rumble caused by their running,
Reverberates my spine.

It’s okay to be white

My wife rises to dance with me,
We go together in the light,
The little ones surround us below,
Singing out their hearts delight.

And out in the garden,
I’ve been laboring
The fragrance of grass fills our noses.
We play with the garden hose
Nothing like a day of rest well earned.

It’s okay to be white

I take my wife’s hand,
The one I love.
She wears a flowered dress.
And we run with the kids,
The sun is setting now,
The sky is pink and orange,
Our children’s faces light up like they are candles.

It’s okay to be white

Dolman just described a day at home with his hypothetical white family, which barely qualifies as a song. Lyrically, it’s difficult to find songs less complicated than “It’s Okay To Be White.”

But that’s not all, because viewers are also treated to a music video courtesy of alt-right artist Matthew Drake. And by “artist” I mean Drake does the same whiteboard animation that tons of companies use in their promotional videos. His drawings, in this case, are mediocre copies of what appear to be generic pictures of white people — including one of a white woman in a wheat field that I traced back to a stock photo website.

The whole thing is hilariously, painfully bad from start to finish. So much so that it might even give the Men Going Their Own Way theme song a run for its money. If you’re curious to hear what white nationalists consider “music,” I’ve included the video below. As for the White Art Collective, they might want to stick with racist song parodies or “fashwave.”