This White Power Folk Singer Was Once The Personal Assistant To Holocaust Denier David Irving

Updated | YouTube personality “PhilosophiCat” is primarily known in white nationalist circles for her music. In 2018, she announced that she had formed a neo-folk band that would be releasing its first album. A decade earlier, however, she was best known as Jaenelle Antas — a virulent racist who acted as Holocaust denier David Irving’s personal assistant.

In appearances on white nationalist shows from 2018 promoting her band Überfolk — which she formed with George Burdi, the founder of the Neo-Nazi band RaHoWa — Antas makes no mention of her past with Irving.

During the September 24, 2018 episode of A Comfy Tangent, Antas told host “BigCatKayla” she started her YouTube channel “a year and a half” ago in order to help people learn “how to be better debaters.” She said that before she created her YouTube channel she had been “doing local activism” on her own.

But Antas’ silence on the matter belies the role she played conducting research, promoting his tour of the U.S., and responding to press inquiries.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, David Irving is perhaps the “world’s most prominent Holocaust denier.”

Once considered a semi-respectable historian, Irving published books in the ’60s and ’70s exaggerating the number of German deaths during the Allied firebombing of Dresden and claiming that Adolf Hitler had no knowledge of the mass murder of European Jews.

By 1988, during the trial of the late Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel, Irving transitioned from softer forms of pro-Nazi revisionism to outright denial. During his trial Zündel relied on a discredited report by Fred A. Leuchter Jr. claiming that homicidal gas chambers were not present at Auschwitz.

It was this report that led to Irving’s “epiphany” that no genocide of the Jews had taken place during World War II.

In 2000 Irving sued historian Deborah Lipstadt over her 1994 book Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. Irving alleged that Lipstadt defamed him by calling him a bigot and a Holocaust denier, and writing, among other things, that he “bends [historical evidence] until it conforms with his ideological leanings and political agenda.”

At trial it was revealed that he composed a racist song for his then-infant daughter to sing when “half-breed children” passed by: “I am a baby Aryan, not Jewish or sectarian. I have no plans to marry an ape or Rastafarian.” Among the judge’s findings was that Irving is “an active Holocaust denier” as well as “anti-Semitic and racist.”

In 2009 emails published by Wikileaks demonstrated that the relationship between Irving and Antas had frayed significantly.

According to the leaked emails, Antas voiced frustration that she had been “doing jobs that last year you would have done yourself, and not just making bookings, but also doing things like driving, helping you secure funds to reprint books and locating second-hand books.” In return, she wrote, Irving had acted “snotty, rude, and disrespectful toward me.”

Irving, meanwhile, wrote in one email, “I have been working since 6 a.m. this morning trying to catch up and plug holes you have left, e.g., by not bothering to inform me the Sala Thai no longer exists.” Though in later emails he struck a softer tone, calling her “efficient and beautiful.” When asked about the leaked emails, Irving referred to Antas as a “comely maiden.”

According to a press release from Irving’s Focal Point Publications, Antas resigned as of December 2, 2011 to marry her then-fiancé Gerwich H. Bode. The release included the following quote from Irving: “I have rarely been privileged to work with such a competent colleague.”

By the following year, however, the two were once again feuding, this time over money Antas allegedly claimed — through an attorney — that she never received for her work. A post at Focal Point Publications claimed that days after Antas resigned Irving “mailed two blank signed checks” to Antas “to settle any residual indebtedness for pay and business disbursements.”

The post further stated that Antas had not received the checks before she moved from the U.S. to Australia, and that Irving subsequently mailed a check to the law firm of Antas’ attorney, Andrew Dutkanych of Indianapolis, “to be held in trust for [Antas] subject to certain provisos.” It added that the firm “refused to provide even the simplest evidence” that it forwarded the funds to Antas.

According to an addendum, Irving “lodged formal misconduct complaints to the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission against attorney Andrew Dutkanych.”

Jaenelle Antas and David Irving in an undated photo. Image via Focal Point Publications.

In spite of their eventual falling out, Antas clearly shared Irving’s crude racism and antisemitism, as evidenced by her online writings. Between 2005 and 2013, Antas authored thousands of posts on Stormfront — the first major hate site founded by white supremacist Don Black in 1995.

A number of Stormfront users have gone on to commit horrific acts of murder and terrorism. Even before Dylann Roof, another Stormfront user, gunned down nine black parishioners in 2015, the SPLC dubbed Stormfront the “murder capital of the Internet.” In recent years Stormfront’s influence has slowly waned, losing its distinction as America’s top hate site.

Under the pseudonym “Tristania,” Antas regularly disparaged non-whites and boasted of working on behalf of other white supremacist groups.

In a thread from January 2008 started by a woman claiming to be of Persian descent, Antas — as “Tristania” — wrote that if she was not “100% white Persian” she should “find a man of your own race and stay away from ours.” She added that it was “our problem if you steal our white men and mix non-white genes into our gene pool.”

Days later she denounced a Stormfront poster who admitted to having a “half-Iranian” girlfriend as a “race traitor.”

In an August 9, 2008 post, Antas complained about her Asian neighbors. “Cambodians, Vietnamese, Hmong, Filipinos,” she wrote. “They are third-world animals who are no better than blacks. They are dirty, loud, and bring a lot of crime wherever they go. Not all Asians are like the Japanese or Koreans. In fact, most of them aren’t. Keep them in Asia where they belong. I’m sick of living around them.”

And in a thread about the circumstances under which they would support abortion, Antas claimed that if she were “raped by a non-white and got pregnant because of it” she would “have an abortion without a second thought.” One poster, “whitelad88,” wrote that they were “only against the abortion of healthy white children.”

Another longtime poster, “Chris B,” quoted Antas’ post and replied, “I support this for ALL white women. IF ANY WHITE WOMAN has been violated by NON white, ESPECIALLY A NEGRO, whatever abomination is growing in her should be immediately terminated and thrown in the nearest garbage can.”

In a January 2009 post Antas wrote, “Race-mixing is wrong in principle, whether or not mongrel children result from it.” She has also referred to Roma as “gypsies” and “parasites,” complained that “negroes” have “the gall to whine” about racism, and asserted that “the Jews own the press.”

Her posts also provided clues as to what she meant when she later claimed to have been “doing local activism.”

In posts from 2008, Antas openly identified as a libertarian, boasting that the “LP platform supports our right to post on this website without fear of repercussion, our right to arm and defend ourselves, and the right to segregate ourselves from non-whites.” During that year’s presidential election she voted for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr — though she would have preferred antigovernment pastor Chuck Baldwin.

In 2008 Antas was one of twelve recipients of a scholarship from Atlas!Liberty, a PAC founded by Indiana-based attorney and Libertarian Party candidate Mark W. Rutherford. A post on Rutherford’s blog noted that Antas was a Minnesota native who attended Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and worked as a “part-time employee with Libertarian Party of Indiana.”

According to the November/December 2008 issue of LP News, the Libertarian Party’s official monthly newsletter, Antas ran unsuccessfully for a spot on the Perry Township Advisory Board in Indiana. Antas received 440 votes — or 7.8% of the total vote share.

Jaenelle Antas. Image via Rutherford Report.

By 2010, Antas had broken with the Libertarian Party. “I was a Libertarian when I came here [to Stormfront],” she wrote in a September 8, 2010 post. “I wouldn’t call myself that anymore. Libertarians don’t like our kind- they made that more than clear to me.” But she wasn’t through with her brand of Indiana “activism” just yet.

That same year Antas was proudly working with the Council of Conservative Citizens — or CofCC — the modern iteration of the White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and ’60s that were formed to oppose school desegregation. The website of the CofCC once ran images comparing the late pop star Michael Jackson to an ape and described Black people as a “retrograde species of humanity.”

Former Georgia congressman Bob Barr, who later ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in 2008 and whom Antas voted for, delivered a keynote speech to the group’s 1998 national convention.

Antas helped run the Indiana chapter of the CofCC — known as “Hoosier Nation” — with white nationalist Matt Parrott. (Parrott, of course, would go on to co-found the Traditionalist Youth Network, an explicitly Neo-Nazi organization.) Antas told fellow Stormfront members that they held monthly meetings “usually in the Indianapolis area.”

Antas and Parrott — who used the alias “Evolian” on Stormfront — advertised CofCC-sponsored events such as a November 2009 “Rally Against Illegal Immigration.”

In August 2010, Antas announced a meeting to discuss ways to support a white Indianapolis police officer accused of using excessive force against a biracial 15-year-old. Although the officer was cleared in a 6-1 decision by the Civilian Merit Board, the city of Indianapolis later agreed to pay $150,000 to the victim’s mother.

Also on the meeting’s agenda, she wrote, was a discussion of the “mass influx of third world refugees into our state and the organisations responsible for dumping 6000 Burmese into Perry Township in the past two years.” She advised anyone impacted by it to “bring along any information you have on the situation.”

Hoosier Nation was not the only project spearheaded by Antas and Parrott. In December 2010 Antas revealed the creation of Lighthouse Literature, an online retailer of popular white supremacist books which, she said, was “designed primarily to fund white activism.”

Lighthouse Literature’s offerings included Kyle Bristow’s violently racist novel White Apocalypse, Ragnar Redbeard’s Might is Right, Michael Thompson’s Stuff Black People Don’t Like: Year One, and — yes — David Irving’s Churchill’s War: Triumph in Adversity.

In January 2011, Antas made a guest appearance on The Political Cesspool, a podcast hosted by white nationalist James Edwards.

Edwards told Antas he was “excited to find out” that his book Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the “R” Word to Push the Obama Agenda was being sold by Lighthouse Literature. “I want to be able to carry books for every kind of white nationalist — not just the armchair politician, but even the housewife or teenagers,” Antas said.

Her dream was short-lived, however. By May 2012 she announced the online store would be closing down and that every title would be going on sale. On July 9, 2012 Antas wrote, “Today is the last day Lighthouse Literature will be open. Our virtual doors will be closing for good at midnight, eastern time.”

During the rise of the racist “alt-right,” she rebranded as “PhilosophiCat” and focused primarily on her music.

Antas has long been open about her passion for music and for singing. “As a singer myself, I have to say that no, blacks really can’t sing better than whites,” she mused in a Stormfront thread from 2009. “When it comes real musicianship, they are generally lacking.”

Her Myspace page — where she uploaded her own songs — included a list of her favorite bands and musicians, including Beethoven, Nightwish, Bach, and the Norwegian Gothic metal band Tristania, from which she took her Stormfront user name.

Jaenelle Antas in a promotional image for Überfolk.

In 2018 Antas promoted her band Überfolk on white nationalist shows like A Comfy Tangent, The After Party with Jason Köhne, and The Public Space with Jean-François Gariépy. She claimed during these appearances that her songs — bland tracks with names like “Hyperborean Sun” — are supposed to inspire white people.

As she told BigCatKayla, “the lyrical themes are — they’re meant to be very uplifting.” She mentioned during that interview that they had written a “whole new song” that was dedicated to the Boers — Afrikaans for “farmers” — an obvious nod to the myth of a “genocide” against white South Africans, particularly white farmers.

As 2018 came to a close, Antas told Jean-François Gariépy and David Duke that her goal was to compose “high-vibe songs for our people.” She also claimed that “it’s not about hating on anybody else, it’s just about generating positive ideas that our people can take and hopefully use to inspire them in their own lives.”

But given her history of vile, racist rhetoric, it’s hard to believe that hate is not a factor.

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[This article has been updated to include information about Jaenelle Antas’ run for political office.]