Kevin MacDonald Blames Jews for Mass Immigration at 2016 NPI Conference


Continuing coverage of the 2016 NPI conference, anti-Semitic former professor Kevin MacDonald delivered a speech on Jewish influence and immigration. MacDonald said that Jew have “used their power in the media and the educational system to campaign against nativism” and to create the image of the U.S. as a “land of immigrants.”

“After World War II, anti-Darwinian Jewish intellectuals became a dominant elite in American universities and in the media,” he claimed. “Most noteworthy was the Frankfurt School’s claim that ethnocentrism among whites was a psychiatric disorder.” That latter line provoked boos from MacDonald’s audience. This “theme” was then picked up by other influential Jews and “continues to this day.”

MacDonald then noted that he had written a chapter “showing that Jews were the main force and a necessary condition…for [the passage of the] 1965 immigration law that opened up immigration to all the peoples of the world.”

Continuing his anti-Jewish speech, MacDonald opined that “Jews see whites as more of an enemy than Muslims.” Muslims, he said, are “not a high IQ group” after all, and besides that, Jewish history is fraught with persecution by white Christians:

You know, Jewish history starts out, you know, in [the] ancient world with the Romans sacking the temple; and it goes to the Middle Ages where there are expulsions, Middle Ages where there are Crusades, the Inquisition, and so on; and it moves into the more modern period, and you have persecution in Russia, the pogroms, and then you have the Holocaust. That’s Jewish history in a nutshell, right there. Well who did all that? White people did that. Europeans did that. European civilization did that. Christianity did that. That’s the way they think of it.

The upshot, according to MacDonald, is that Jewish organizations are exploiting the supposed threat of non-white immigrants who are “much less likely to be sympathetic to Jewish issues like the Holocaust and Israel,” and using it to justify curbs on freedom of speech, especially speech regarding race and ethnicity.

“It’s no accident, for example, that in Germany the migrant crisis had led to a campaign to shut down criticism of the invasion on Facebook, with the full cooperation of open borders fanatic Mark Zuckerman [sic]. Recently Twitter set up a committee, which includes the ADL and various Social Justice Warriors, in order to better police its content — and now we find that Richard Spencer and Radix and so on have been excluded from Twitter.”

MacDonald also relished the idea of the Republican Party becoming a “white populist party,” thus forcing conservative Jews to abandon it altogether. If it does become such a party, the “Jews will have a virtually unsolveable problem” and be forced to choose between “an anti-Israel, rainbow coalition of the Left” and “a white populist Right,” with both parties having “overtones of anti-Semitism.”

The “biggest problem for Jews,” he said, was their inadvertently inspiring “a rise in white identity politics, either implicitly — as among most Trump supporters — or explicitly — as among the alt-right, which has been the only intellectual movement supporting Trump.” He mentioned several prominent Jewish writers who linked Trump’s victory to this rise in “white identity politics,” including Paul Krugman who wrote that Trump supporters were “voting for blood and soil, patriarchy, and racial hierarchy” — prompting a burst of applause.

He then offered this prediction: “Psychologically we expect that racial identity and a sense of racial interest will be more important as whites become a minority.” This is because “whites are routinely subjected to hostility in the educational system, the media, and so on.” MacDonald cited a comment left by a self-proclaimed “college Republican” in response to an article for The American Conservative. S/he wrote:

I am in college and nearly all of my conservative friends are at least sympathetic to the alt-right. Even if they don’t openly talk about it, they’re regularly browsing 8chan’s /pol/, The Right Stuff, Radix, VDare, Occidental Observer, AmRen, etc.

How did this come about? It’s harder for older people to understand, but we younger whites have been vilified all our lives. Throughout elementary school high school, I was regularly demonized for being white. (I attended public and Christian schools and it was even worse at the latter.) And now it’s even more extreme in college. Our entire white race is regularly trashed on a daily basis.

And before you go full SJW and say “race doesn’t exist,” by white I just mean those who genetically cluster with Europe[.]

Whites (i.e. European-descended people) have our own collective interests. We have the right to oppose our own dispossession and extinction – just as every other race does.

It’s time for younger whites to pick up the gauntlet because we’re the future.

MacDonald and his audience were pleased with this development. White self-pity appears to be driving some younger Republicans into the embrace of crude fascists and white supremacists, which will warp the Republican Party into, well, a “white populist party.” He assured young people that when he grew up he “didn’t see anti-white hostility,” and white people were allowed to be “proud of our culture, our history, and our contributions.”