ICYMI — 11/29/16


The Right Stuff tells its audience how to “red pill your woman,” white nationalists are up-in-arms over the potential doxxing of Millennial Woes, Andrew Anglin wants to sue the SPLC, and more.

  • Wolfie James at The Right Stuff instructs readers on how to “red pill your woman.” Choice advice includes: “While you’re used to tossing around inflammatory language like ‘white genocide’ and ‘gas the cucks,’ she’s not, and some of our harsher rhetoric will make her uncomfortable. She’s likely struggling with despondency as she awakens, so it’s time to show her the levity of the Alt-Right: meme magic.”
  • The Alternative Right blog advocates giving “false leads” to the media and threatening to complain to their advertisers about their “Gestapo-like behaviour” to prevent the doxxing of fellow white nationalist Millennial Woes.
  • Andrew Anglin supports an anti-immigrant group’s efforts to strip the Southern Poverty Law Center of its tax-exempt status, writing that “all of those who have been shut down by the SPLC kikes need to get together in a class action lawsuit against them.”
  • Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent denounces ex-white nationalist Derek Black as a “race traitor” and “spoiled, ingrateful little brat” after Black’s recent New York Times piece.