Peter Brimelow Decries ‘Politically Correct Lynch Mobs’ After VDARE Loses Domain Registrar

On June 17, 2020, the white nationalist hate site VDARE delivered a dire warning to its readers: “[I]f you do not take action, you may no longer be able to read very soon.” As Lydia Brimelow — wife of VDARE founder Peter Brimelow — explained, the website’s domain registrar, Network Solutions, LLC, was terminating their account.

Network Solutions had determined that VDARE’s openly racist content could lead to reputational harm and, therefore, violated their Acceptable Use Policy. VDARE was notified that it had ten days to relocate to a new domain registrar before the website would be taken offline entirely.

The announcement that Network Solutions had dropped VDARE as a client came on the heels of a report from this website noting that the hate group likely violated the company’s terms of service. (I began reaching out to Network Solutions with inquiries about VDARE beginning June 10.)

In addition, the Associated Press reported on June 22 that the left-wing Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law had contacted Network Solutions about VDARE twice: in April and May.

The extreme Right bemoaned Network Solutions’ decision to part ways with VDARE.

White nationalist Scott Greer falsely claimed that VDARE “lost its domain registrar for failing to be politically correct.” The racist and misogynistic website One Angry Gamer said it would be a “dark day in internet history when every major non-Leftist website is forced into the dark web.”

Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari tweeted: “Amazing how quickly it became acceptable for domain hosts to simply kick websites off the internet for political/’brand safety’ reasons.” White nationalist hate group leader Patrick Casey wrote on Telegram that he was “Sorry to hear that VDARE is losing its domain registrar.”

And Peter Brimelow resurfaced on June 22 to make an appearance on the Cheyenne, WY-based Dino Costa Show. Prior to the interview with Brimelow, however, the show’s eponymous host went on a racist tirade, referring to Black protesters as “monsters” and quoting liberally from a Neo-Nazi publication.

“What you have right now in this country going on right now is a race war,” he intoned. “This is white against Black, Black against white — for the most part for all intents and purposes.”

Costa complained that African-Americans — a “mere 13% of this country” — are “taking over,” suggested President Trump tell voters that a Democratic leader would allow “Black militants” to “burst into your house and execute you and your entire fuckin’ family,” and called Juneteenth — the celebration of the end of slavery in the U.S. — a “made-up fuckin’ holiday.”

He then turned to The Daily Stormer — an online Neo-Nazi publication — and its founder, Andrew Anglin, for advice on what Trump should have said at his recent rally in Tulsa, OK. The article, which Costa called “terrific,” suggested Trump “go all in” on racial “tribalism,” and referred to the “media narrative” about what Trump should do as a “totally Jewish hoax.”

He capped off this racist rant by calling for people protesting against police brutality and systemic racism to be gunned down. “These are domestic terrorists,” Costa said. “These fuckers should be put down. Shoot them! Kill them! Get rid of them!”

[The following clips are from a roughly four hour episode of The Dino Costa Show.]

During the interview, Brimelow railed against the “politically correct lynch mobs” and “totalitarian Left” responsible for VDARE losing its domain registrar. And he claimed that VDARE was targeted because it has been speaking out against the supposed scheme to “elect a new people” — a nod to the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

Costa asked Brimelow why he thought VDARE was being targeted as opposed to other websites.

Brimelow responded that there has been a “tremendous purge of dissident Right sites since Trump was elected” — pinning the blame on VDARE raising the “immigration issue” which is a “third rail issue for the Left.” Brimelow told Costa that the Left “bet everything on identity politics” and “electing a new people” through immigration.

“And they’re desperate that this immigration issue not be raised and not get into politics until they’ve finished that process,” he said. “Because they know it could be stopped immediately. … And above all, they’re desperate that American whites should not unite, should not start thinking [in terms of] their own interests. They’ve got to keep them cowed.”

Brimelow added that “That’s why they’re so determined to keep [immigration] out of politics, and one way they do that is by suppressing us.”

When asked whether VDARE would be able to stay online without moving to the dark web, Brimelow indicated that he believed it could. “We think we will be able to find another domain registrar and stay on the normieweb, although we may have to go dark for a couple of days,” Brimelow said, calling the move “more difficult than we expected.”

That said, he claimed that “nobody, none of these corporations can stand up to these politically correct lynch mobs” and fretted that VDARE may eventually lose its 501(c)3 status. “[A]nd they do intend to completely suppress all dissent in this area,” said Brimelow. “We have a totalitarian Left in this country.”

Meanwhile, VDARE is still allowed to spread its propaganda and solicit donations through YouTube, Twitter, and Amazon.