Jared Taylor Is Upset That White People Are Tearing Down Racist Monuments

In the wake of multiple statues of Confederates, colonizers, and ethnic cleansers being toppled or removed across the country, white nationalist Jared Taylor is upset. Not just because monuments to white men and women are being torn down, but because often it is white people who are participating in their removal.

In a June 25, 2020 video, the American Renaissance founder told viewers that statues of Christopher Columbus, Junipero Serra, Albert Pike, and Frank Rizzo were removed because protesters are out to destroy symbols of white history. He cited the destruction of statues of Union leaders and abolitionists as evidence.

Statues of Ulysses S. Grant and Col. Hans Christian Heg being torn down — either mistakenly or as a strategic effort to force people to pay attention to the protesters’ demands — have been criticized by people who are otherwise supportive of removing monuments to white supremacist figures.

But what really irks Taylor is that these acts aren’t just being carried out by Black, Indigenous, and Latino protesters.

“When people tear down monuments, it’s usually because there was a change in population or a change in political regime,” he said. “The population of the United States is becoming more non-white, and that’s part of the mania to tear down the white man. But, many of the people stirring up the mob are white.”

Taylor called this “unprecedented,” claiming that “No group in all of human history has ever wanted to tear its own face off its own monuments.” And he complained that “When white people knock down statues of Columbus, or pioneer women, they are saying ‘We don’t deserve to be here.'”

“This sickness has been festering for a long time,” Taylor told his white audience. “It’s just coming to a head. So, wake up white man. You have bitter foes — some of them right there in your own ranks. Someday, you’ll have to take a stand, or you’ll have nothing to stand for.”