White Nationalists Want To Go On Strike. Good.

In response to a series of setbacks — including landmark Supreme Court decisions on LGBTQ and immigrant rights, and charges in the murder of Rayshard Brooks — white nationalists and Neo-Nazis have called for a “white strike.” Using the hashtag #WhiteStrike on Twitter, they have encouraged white people to walk off their jobs and refuse to pay taxes.

Among the first people to use the #WhiteStrike hashtag were Mike “Enoch” Peinovich and Joseph Jordan (a.k.a. “Eric Striker”) of the white nationalist podcast network The Right Stuff (TRS). (Both Peinovich and Jordan co-host a podcast called Strike and Mike where they have railed against video games and Impossible Burgers.)

Three days ago charges were announced against former Atlanta police officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan in the killing of Rayshard Brooks. The most serious charges were filed against Rolfe, and include felony murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted of felony murder Rolfe could face the death penalty.

In response, multiple Atlanta police officers reportedly protested the charges by failing to show up for work — though an official walk-out was denied by the Atlanta Police Department.

On June 17, Peinovich tweeted, “Frankly, every white person should walk off the job. Whites are the only people that hold this country together. Just stay home and let it go to hell. #WhiteStrike.” He followed this tweet with multiple calls for a “white strike,” writing that “This system can’t function without us. It can function without them.”

By “them” Peinovich presumably meant non-whites and Jews.

“No cops, no truckers, no fire, no EMS, no gas, no oil, no food, no nothing,” Peinovich wrote in one tweet. Minutes later he tweeted that Rolfe “is on trial for one reason only. Because he is white. I support the cops walking off the job and it’s time for all the blue and white collar Whites that make the country that hates us actually run to show our power. They don’t deserve us.”

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Of course, Peinovich wasn’t necessarily calling for all white people to walk off their jobs. On June 17 he tweeted, “If shitlibs refuse to join in for a #Whitestrike it wouldn’t matter.” He added, “They all have useless jobs sending emails to each other and their Jew boss is champing at the bit to replace them with a pajeet anyway.”

“Pajeet” is a racial slur for an Indian person.

A day later he wrote: “Whites voted in 2016 to end illegal immigration, end DACA, end foreign wars for Israel, end the outsourcing of jobs to China and elsewhere. What did we get? Specifically the opposite of everything we requested. If voting can’t work, we have no choice but to strike.”

In other words, he was referring to white people who voted for Donald Trump and his rabidly anti-immigrant agenda.

Jordan tweeted on June 17 that, “If you’re a cop who wants to fight back against the people lying about you in the media, pull all police patrols out of Bushwick and Williamsburg. #WHITESTRIKE #NYPD.” Two minutes later he tweeted, “Almost all the people who keep America functional are white men with right-wing beliefs. Why uphold a system that outright wants to kill you?”

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Jordan also connected the “strike” to electoral politics, accusing the Republican Party of being “paid to take a dive,” and calling for an “electoral boycott.” In another tweet he wrote that the “concept of #WhiteStrike rejects the left but also the institutional right,” and that people should “Check out the Republican majority Supreme Court’s decisions this week.”

The Supreme Court this week ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protected LGBTQ employees and that the Trump administration’s attempt to end DACA — an executive order by President Obama which allowed certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children to receive deferred action from deportation — was unlawful.

Other white nationalists latched onto the hashtag as well. Jesse “Sven” Dunstan — one of the co-hosts of TRS’ flagship podcast The Daily Shoahencouraged his followers to “just tweet #WhiteStrike and [shut the fuck up],” and tweeted “I’m gonna go do something else #WhiteStrike.”

Regarding the arrest of Garrett Rolfe, Dunstan tweeted “RUN. FUCK THIS” and “Build my nigga an underground railroad so he can escape this lawless racial injustice.”

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French-Canadian white nationalist and host of The Public Space, Jean-François “J.F.” Gariépy, tweeted in support of the hashtag. “For years I’ve said that the best thing one can do in face [sic] of the craziness of this world is to withdraw from it. Let them see how they do without us. #WhiteStrike.”

White nationalist and antisemite Angelo John Gage tweeted, “Keep on hating whites until they #WhiteStrike… it’s like you all never learn.” In another he claimed whites are being enslaved, explaining that, while they are “the majority of the country,” they “subsidiz[e] the welfare of the people who hate” white people.

Later he tweeted a comparison of South Africa under apartheid “back when Whites ruled” and today “under Black rule.” He tagged his tweet with “#whitestrike.”

White nationalist and unrepentant former Klan leader David Duke tweeted “America. First.” He tagged his tweet with “#WhiteStrike,” and included a photo of a Los Angeles Times article about the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg — American citizens convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union.

White supremacist Twitter personality “Racial Consciousness” tweeted lines from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” and used the “#WhiteStrike” hashtag.

“Kegs4Kavanaugh,” a pseudonymous white nationalist who has made appearances on TRS podcasts such as The Third Rail and The People’s Square, made a list of demands to be met to prevent a “white strike.” This included the release of “all political prisoners including Charlottesville & the Rise Above Movement.”

Tony Hovater, of the defunct Neo-Nazi organization Traditionalist Worker Party, wrote, “Why stop at the police strikes? Every white person should refuse to work for anyone that has sided with the anti-white rioters. It makes no difference if it’s public or private. Without us the entire country collapses. They hate us and want us gone. Let’s oblige. #WhiteStrike.”

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White supremacist blogger Brad Griffin of the Neo-Confederate hate group League of the South retweeted a message by conservative columnist Todd Starnes, writing “#WhiteStrike.” White nationalist Kevin DeAnna stated that a “#WhiteStrike makes more sense and has a greater chance of happening than believing the GOP has or will ever do anything even remotely productive.”

And Henrik Palmgren, founder of the white nationalist media outlet Red Ice, tweeted, “If White people are so oppressive, so intolerable, so unbearable supremacists and racists, then wouldn’t the solution be just to let us have our own spaces (i.e. countries)? Where we are unable to oppress others. #WhiteStrike.”

Though he said he would have preferred the hashtag #Goycott to #WhiteStrike. “But the point is made I guess,” he conceded.

That evening Palmgren interviewed far-right author and white nationalist sympathizer Jim Goad about the “white strike.” Palmgren told Goad that “civilization as we know it” is “crumbling before our eyes” and that “white strike is good.” He hoped it would create “Orania-type groups” — referring to an all-white town in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

Palmgren went on to say that he would “love to see people just who are white just, well fuck it then, pull out of the system, don’t engage, don’t pay taxes, as little as possible — just don’t support this thing which hates you and wants to replace you.” And he advised his viewers to “pull out.”

But for all their claims that society will collapse without them, their bluster comes off as serious as an 8-year-old who threatens to run away from home only to camp out in his backyard. For one thing the most prominent supporters of a “white strike” work full time as racist podcasters and are otherwise unhirable.

Moreover, even conservatives who balked at the charges against Garrett Rolfe don’t by and large have an ideological kinship with white nationalists who want to expel Jews and non-whites from the U.S. and Europe. Far-right author Carmine Sabia, for example, wrote that he “get[s] the idea of a #WhiteStrike” but said people should “ignore skin color.”

Mike Peinovich, who boasted about making the racist hashtag trend briefly on Twitter, fired back at Sabia. “Why should I ignore skin color when they won’t?” he asked. “What you think we should do is continue to capitulate to a system attacking us for our race and not fight back. You’re either malicious or stupid.”

Still, if white nationalists want to go on strike to prove how important they are to society they should feel free. But they’ll probably be disappointed.