Roosh Valizadeh Believes ‘Cleansing Virus’ Is God’s Judgment On The World

During the March 21, 2020 episode of Roosh Hour, ex-pickup artist and current religious zealot Roosh Valizadeh said the novel coronavirus was God’s judgment against “globalism.” Valizadeh, now a protégé of antisemitic self-styled theologian E. Michael Jones, said that globalism is the “modern Tower of Babel.”

The “Tower of Babel” refers to a story from the Book of Genesis which sought to explain why humans now speak multiple languages.

According to the story, human beings after the Great Flood all spoke the same language. However, when God saw that humans were building a city and a tower that could reach Heaven, He confused their language and dispersed them across the Earth.

“What I see going on today, in terms of the effects of coronavirus — not necessarily the virus, but the effects on the society at hand — suggests to me a judgment of bringing down our modern Tower of Babel: globalism,” Valizadeh said.

He added that “all the behaviors that go along with it: the business, the transaction, the commerce, the travel, the sex, the casual relationships, the breakdown of the family — everything was really a Tower of Babel. … Then here out of the blue comes a virus that no one predicted, except maybe those who made the virus.”

“Vain, sinful things are being swept away,” Valizadeh said, before bringing up an article about how an L.A. Pride festival scheduled for June was being postponed. “Already we see the fruits of the virus, outside of the deaths,” he boasted. Calling the event a “semi-public orgy” he said that “California is already better.”

In addition to homosexuality Roosh also targeted anti-racists, whom he blamed for the virus’ continued spread.

He pointed to a short video from February in which an Italian-Chinese man — whom he repeatedly called a “Chinaman” — stood in Florence with a face mask and a sign that read “I am not a virus, I am a human being.” In the video people came up to the man and hugged him. Valizadeh asked whether this helped spread the virus throughout Italy.

“Italian people have died because of the Italian government’s fear of being seen as racist,” he claimed. And he remarked that “having a homogenized area of your people that you protect from foreigners who carry viruses makes sense.”

A little later in the show he declared that he has “hope that the cleansing virus” rids the world of things like anti-racism, homosexuality, and other perceived problems. He said that “if the death toll gets high” he was “pretty sure” it would be successful in doing so.

“Now, I only pray that those who succumb to the virus are already secure with the Lord,” he said after a pause. He opined that most elderly people — who are particularly susceptible to the virus — are more likely to have “made their peace with God,” and said he “see[s] God’s merciful hand in this.”

[The following clips are from a three hour episode of Roosh Hour.]