Andy Ngo Is Promoting The Work Of A White Supremacist Cartoonist

Far-right propagandist Andy Ngo has been known to associate with extremist figures. Last July he engendered sympathy from conservatives after he was punched by an anti-fascist activist at a Portland rally. But an exposé revealed that, prior to the assault, Ngo had embedded himself with members of the violent gang Patriot Prayer as they launched an attack on anti-fascists at the Cider Riot pub.

Now it appears as if Ngo, who currently works as the editor-at-large of The Post Millennial, has crossed yet another line by promoting the work of a Holocaust-denying white supremacist cartoonist.

Yesterday Ngo retweeted a cartoon that depicted him photographing a stereotypical mob of anti-fascist activists. Some of the figures in the drawing wore hooded sweatshirts or face masks. One held up a sign that read “GAY ASIAN NAZI GO HOME.” “More accurate than most news stories I’ve read on the subject,” Ngo wrote. He even made the cartoon his Twitter background.

“Stonetoss,” the pseudonymous creator of the cartoon, has been popular with white nationalists and other extremists since he began his work in 2017. His illustrations frequently promote conspiracies as well as bigotry against Jews, women, immigrants, African-Americans, and LGBTQ people.

With regard to race, Stonetoss frequently depicts black people as criminals who are, on average, less intelligent than white people.

In a comic from December 2018, a pair of elves are discussing why Santa Claus delivers fewer presents to black neighborhoods. One blames racism, while the other says “despite being 13% of the population, black kids make up 52% of names on the naughty list.” This references the white supremacist 13/52 meme.

Another uses dog breeds as an analogy to state that non-whites are genetically inferior:

StoneToss Cartoon 1
Archived here.

And an October 2018 cartoon claims that advertising companies are actively promoting interracial relationships as opposed to actual products. The comic’s name, “Burger Kang,” is a nod to another racist meme, and the phrase “race-mixing-advertising-comic” is written into the image code.

Stonetoss often depicts Jews as masquerading as white people, secretly controlling the U.S. government, and forcing the military to fight wars on Israel’s behalf. In May 2019 Stonetoss produced a virulently antisemitic comic called “Oxymoron.” It depicts a nail labeled “Judeo” in one panel, while the other shows a crucified person’s hand labeled “Christian”:

StoneToss Cartoon 2
Archived here.

The cartoon is an obvious reference to the centuries-old claim that the Jews are collectively responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ. A 2013 study by the Anti-Defamation League suggested that this belief, which historically led to anti-Jewish pogroms, is held by a quarter of Americans.

In other cartoons Stonetoss promotes Holocaust denial. In one from September 2018 a character is depicted as saying it was “more likely that [concentration camp] prisoners died from insufficient supply lines in a war-torn Germany rather than enough delousing chemical to gas 6 million [Jews].”

And a March 2019 cartoon shows a person placing a book about the Holocaust into the “Fiction” section of a book store. Under the cartoon Stonetoss wrote, “Reminder that Nazis making human-skin lampshades is completely false. Hmm, what other things might be incorrect?”

His cartoons about transgender people are repetitive and mainly mock the percentage of trans people who die by suicide. Stonetoss also promotes the myth that gay men are sexual predators and that homosexuality is caused by childhood sexual abuse. Under a cartoon about same-sex marriage, Stonetoss wrote that “28% of gay men have had over 1,000 sexual partners.”

He took this statistic from the Michigan-based group Exodus Global Alliance, which promotes so-called “conversion therapy” — the fraudulent practice of trying to change a patient’s sexual orientation. Exodus Global Alliance, in turn, relied on a flawed 1978 survey of over 500 gay men. Even the anti-gay Family Research Council regards it as “outdated.”

In one cartoon Stonetoss showed an opposite-sex couple holding a baby while a same-sex couple held a pile of feces in a baby blanket:

StoneToss Cartoon 3
Archived here.

It is unclear if Andy Ngo, who is openly gay, was aware of Stonetoss’s anti-LGBT content when he shared the aforementioned cartoon of himself. But hours later Ngo had deleted his tweet praising the cartoon, and changed his Twitter background to its previous photo without explanation.

However, Ngo left up a tweet directed at Stonetoss which simply said “Whoa.” An archived version of that tweet clearly shows that Ngo used the cartoon as his Twitter background. Furthermore, Ngo posted the cartoon to his personal Instagram page:

Andy Ngo Instagram
Archived here.

And, as of this writing, the cartoon is still visible on his Instagram page.

This was certainly not the first time Ngo promoted content from questionable sources in an effort to attack anti-fascists.

Last summer, while he still worked for the website Quillette, Ngo promoted a discredited study by Eoin Lenihan which accused prominent journalists of working hand-in-hand with anti-fascists. While Lenihan was quickly revealed to have been a racist troll, the study resulted in a torrent of harassment and the inclusion of several journalists on a Neo-Nazi kill list.