Congressional Candidate Who Claims White People Are ‘Being Replaced By Third World Peasants’ Attracts Attention Of VDARE

Updated | Although he appears to have only a modest following online, congressional candidate Peter D’Abrosca has attracted the attention of the website VDARE for his anti-immigrant rhetoric. A former blogger for the fringe website Big League Politics, D’Abrosca is running in North Carolina’s 7th congressional district on a platform of imposing a 10-year moratorium on legal immigration.

On his personal Twitter account, where he promotes his campaign, D’Abrosca has made numerous racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-gay comments. He often refers to an “invasion” by “third-worlders,” and warns about demographic changes in the U.S. which will result in victories for the Democratic party.

In a September 28, 2019 tweet D’Abrosca declared “You’re being replaced by third world peasants. Have a good weekend!” He echoed this same sentiment in October when he claimed white people are “being replaced by third world peasants who share neither their ethnicity nor their culture”:

DAbrosca 1
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In an October 22, 2019 tweet he warned another Twitter user that people like him will be “replaced by Jimenezs” — a Spanish surname. On October 31 he decried the “IMMIGRANT TAKEOVER” of America.

In response to Sen. Mike Lee speaking with supporters of the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, D’Abrosca tweeted, “If you’re a traitor who betrays your country by importing replacements, you deserve worse than being cursed at.” Shortly after that he tweeted “Sen. Mike ‘GDP’ Lee (D-India).”

On September 18, after saying Nigeria has the lowest age of consent in the world, he complained that the U.S. “has the highest population of Nigerians (other than Nigeria itself).” And in August he claimed that “Multiculturalism has failed everywhere on earth throughout all of history.”

He said this was not a “racist” statement because he’s “an Arab.” (In an August 22 interview with PJ Media D’Abrosca specified that he’s “half Syrian.”)

On one occasion he shared an article from the racist website Breitbart about refugee resettlement. “Move refugees into upper middle class, predominantly white towns and see what happens,” he wrote. “They need to experience ‘diversity’ first hand.”

On October 5th, D’Abrosca tweeted a short video clip depicting what appeared to be black students assaulting a white person. He captioned it with “Teaching or zoo keeping?”:

DAbrosca 2
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And in response to a tweet from the official GOP Twitter account recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month, D’Abrosca asked “When’s white heritage month?”

In addition to making disparaging remarks about immigrants and African-Americans, he has openly demeaned LGBTQ people.

He has on several occasions mocked the LGBTQ community as “Alphabet People,” and once wrote that the “conservative movement does not belong to atheists, sodomites, or pedophiles.” In another tweet he wrote, “You didn’t take your government-mandated gender transition hormones? During Asexuality Awareness Week? Are you crazy!?”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of Honkler and the NPC — two memes popular with the alt-right movement:

DAbrosca 3
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In late August the website VDARE published an enthusiastic article about D’Abrosca’s candidacy, referring to him as a “new insurgent candidate for Congress” who “has openly called for a ten-year moratorium on immigration.”

VDARE is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a white nationalist hate group in part because it “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.”

After quoting liberally from the candidate’s press release, the article’s author, Allan Wall, remarked that they were “Good proposals.” Wall added that “VDARE.COM can’t endorse candidates, but we can talk about them.”

On November 6, D’Abrosca finally noticed the article, and thanked VDARE for it on Twitter.

That same day, author Ann Coulter shared the article on Twitter as well. “MY CANDIDATE!” she wrote enthusiastically. The Twitter account for VDARE weighed in, claiming that there was “[h]uge traffic” to the article and asking if an “immigration moratorium is an idea who’s time has come.”

D’Abrosca appears to be very familiar with VDARE, as he has repeatedly retweeted their content. This includes an overtly racist tweet depicting Sen. Kamala Harris and her supporters dancing along with the caption, “As our demographics continue to shift, American political campaigns begin to take on third world aesthetics”:

DAbrosca 4
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In September he defended VDARE from accusations of racism, however, writing that critics must “explain why diversity is inherently a strength.” He added, “That, of course, is impossible. Because it’s not.”

In addition to VDARE, D’Abrosca has retweeted Scott Greer, the former Daily Caller editor who wrote under a pseudonym for Richard Spencer’s Radix Journal, racist author Colin Flaherty, and the white nationalist account “Battle Beagle,” who has tweeted “Open borders for Israel” and “13% 50%” — a nod to the claim that black people commit half of all crimes.

[The title of this piece has been updated to be more specific, as VDARE does not formally make endorsements.]