Colin Flaherty: ‘Cops Are Really Concerned’ That White People Don’t Understand The ‘Level Of Black Hostility’

During a recent appearance in a video produced by the white nationalist outlet American Renaissance, author Colin Flaherty told the outlet’s founder, Jared Taylor, that white people underestimate the hate that black people have for them. He also claimed that a number of police officers have written to him in agreement.

For years Flaherty has worked to take isolated crimes involving black perpetrators and construct a bogus narrative of a black-on-white crime wave in America. He authored the 2012 book White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It, which was published by the far-right outlet WorldNetDaily.

Flaherty’s case was far from persuasive, relying on “YouTube clips and newspaper comment sections,” and “get[ting] wrong the simple details of the stories he’s abusing to make his argument.” He appeared to exaggerate the number of people in the “black mobs” he wrote about.

Other times he counted white people, Hispanic people, and pit bulls as “black mob” participants.

Accurate or not, his insistence on hyping a race war in America won him friends in white nationalist circles — including at American Renaissance. In a September 17, 2019 interview, Jared Taylor told Flaherty that, deep down, most people “know” that “black crime” is a problem and that “blacks target whites,” but that “no one” wants to discuss it.

Taylor also expressed frustration that the media didn’t interview police officers who patrol black neighborhoods — because they “know it best.” Flaherty said that police officers reach out to him about this subject, and “like what I’m saying ’cause I’m saying what they tell their families.”

He said, for example, that cops would never let their mothers live in a “gentrified neighborhood,” and would sooner “burn the house down.” He added that the cops who speak to him are “really concerned that you and I and everybody else, we don’t know how serious this is and the level of black hostility directed at white people.”

He went on to say that, while white people “are so concerned about our level of racism,” while the “fellas and lovely ladies” — which is what he says he calls black people — show no such concern. It is entirely unclear how Flaherty arrived at this conclusion as he offered no evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to demonstrate that this is true.

Flaherty said “we see it every day,” which Taylor agreed with. “And the astonishing thing,” Taylor claimed, “is that so many white people — so-called liberals — they don’t see it. There’s a kind of deliberate blindness.”

This is not Flaherty’s first experience with a white supremacist outlet. Before this appearance Flaherty was a guest on the American Renaissance podcast, and in 2016 he explained on Red Ice Radio that marauding gangs of black people have been attacking Indians because “Indians love gold.”

While promoting White Girl Bleed a Lot Flaherty appeared on the podcast for the Massachusetts-based white nationalist website Malevolent Freedom. Yet despite this, Flaherty was touted as an expert on black crime by websites like Breitbart and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller.