‘Red Ice TV’ Hosts Rant About Censorship After YouTube Finally Bans Their Channel

Finally, after years amassing views and subscribers, one of the most popular white supremacist channels on YouTube appears to have been banned for good. Followers of Red Ice TV, which had well over 300,000 subscribers on its main channel alone, alerted hosts Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff that their channel had been banned for violating YouTube’s ban on hate speech.

The move comes roughly five months after YouTube announced it would enact stricter policies that would allow it to more effectively remove white supremacist content from its platform. The roll-out of the policy, however, was sluggish and uneven. Some channels, including those of VDARE TV and Martin Sellner, were banned only for the decisions to be quickly reversed.

On Twitter, the official account for Red Ice TV announced, “Our Red Ice TV YouTube channel with 330K subscribers has been deleted without notice by @YouTube.” The tweet urged followers to “Help us deman [sic] our channel back” and called the move “absurd censorship.” “[That feel when] your 10+ years of hard work is gone in a split second,” complained co-host Henrik Palmgren.

“Woke up to find our @YouTube channel @redicetv with 335k subscribers was deleted!” co-host Lana Lokteff tweeted. “No strikes! What has become of the land of ‘liberty, religious freedom and free speech?”

In a special broadcast of Red Ice TV, hosted on a back-up YouTube channel with just over 13,000 subscribers, Lokteff and Palmgren groused about the ban, and claimed it was part of a vast conspiracy to shut them up. Lokteff, whose shows have promoted everyone from conspiracy theorists to hardcore Neo-Nazis, complained that “you don’t even have to attack a specific group or race” to be banned.

“Now it’s just pointing out anything that the globalists do, even if they’re white progressives, which the last of the several videos were about that,” she continued. “Antifa — I think that was a big one, right? You were covering antifa there in Europe, what they were doing: waving the hammer and the sickle flag, working with the police. This is a cover up job!”

Later in the broadcast Palmgren said, “Yeah, so I mean, it really — it just ended up in this absurd state of like the amount of places and such that we’ve been kicked off from and censored from and banned from, and stuff like that.” Lokteff then began listing all the services and websites they could no longer use, including Apple, iHeartRadio, Pinterest, Braintree, Venmo, PayPal, and Skrill.

“But the big one — the big one we’ve been meaning to make a video for, and I have some paperwork on that one, was Wells Fargo, guys,” Lokteff said. “Yes, we are banned from a major bank in the U.S. of A. — the land of the free, and free speech, and religious freedoms and blah blah blah and all that bullshit.”

Palmgren then hysterically warned that we’re on track for using “China’s social credit score,” and that gulags aren’t far behind. “You have to fall in line, or we we’ll just like — we won’t sell electricity and water to you, in fact we’ll kick you out or something like that. They’ll have some gulag somewhere I guess,” he claimed.

Red Ice TV fans were similarly apoplectic.

Adam Green of the conspiracy theory-peddling Know More News called the ban“tyrannical censorship” and urged YouTube to “reinstate” their channel. Neo-Nazi Mark Collett instructed his followers to “tweet at YouTube to undo this outrage.” White nationalist Bre Faucheux called Lokteff and Palmgren “some of the absolute best spokes people [sic] for the right.”

White nationalist author Devon Stack denounced “digital book burnings” and referred to YouTube employees as “secret police.” “Imagine a DECADE working a job and boom, your office just vanishes because the [Anti-Defamation League] said so,” white nationalist Angelo John Gage tweeted angrily.

Even far-right YouTuber and political pundit “Count Dankula” weighed in, saying he was “not in favor of deplatforming,” even if he found Lokteff and Palmgren’s views “unsavoury.” In the past, Dankula, whose real name is Markus Meechan, has appeared on the YouTube show of white supremacist Colin “Millennial Woes” Robertson.

It is unclear what pushed YouTube to finally ban the popular white supremacist outlet, as it has been allowed to flourish for years without restraint. In fact, a recent Medium post by Mathew Foresta called out YouTube for refusing to remove Red Ice, and quoted One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins. “Why in the world is Red Ice TV still on YouTube?” Jenkins asked.

But regardless of what precipitated the decision, if YouTube sticks to its guns, Red Ice will be the largest purveyor of white supremacist content to have been banned from the platform under its current policy.