‘Count Dankula’ Appears On The Show Of A White Supremacist Vlogger Who Once Called For The Murder Of Migrants

On the December 12, 2018 episode of his “Millenniyule 2018” series, white supremacist vlogger Colin Robertson (a.k.a. “Millennial Woes”) spoke with UKIP member and right-wing troll Markus Meechan. Meechan, better known as “Count Dankula,” made headlines two years ago for uploading a video in which he taught his girlfriend’s dog to lift its paw in a mock Nazi salute.

Early this year he was convicted on a hate speech charge and fined £800, which he refuses to pay.

Robertson cautioned his audience that he and Meechan do not share the same politics, and that Meechan is not a white nationalist. However, Meechan and Robertson are similarly outraged at anti-fascists who actively deplatform white supremacists and their ilk. Robertson complained that “their activity is basically how to disable their opponents” instead of engaging with them.

Meechan said that a “sign that an ideology has failed is when they actively avoid debate,” and criticized Antifa for physically confronting the far-right in the streets and at their events. Although it should be noted that Meechan himself did no debating during his appearance on “Millenniyule.”

Instead he reveled in their shared opposition to hate speech laws and the mass migration of Africans and Middle Easterners to Europe. And both he and Robertson were particularly incensed over the United Nations’ Global Compact for Migration.

The Compact is billed as the “first-ever U.N. global agreement on a common approach to international migration in all its dimensions,” but is “non-legally binding.” It includes 23 “objectives” which nations will strive to adhere to. These objectives include minimizing “adverse drivers and structural factors that compel people” to leave their homelands, ensuring that migrants possess proper documentation, and ending human trafficking.

Meechan claimed that, because of the Compact, it “will be completely illegal to criticize migration at all” and that this is the “authoritarian endgame” of it. He added that “the government know what they’re doing is wrong, they know the UN Migrant Compact is a fucking heap of shit,” and want to prohibit people from criticizing it.

There is no mention in the Compact of laws prohibiting the discussion of migration.

Instead there is a reference to hate crimes legislation under Objective 17. This states that nations will “Enact, implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes targeting migrants[.]” It further adds that communities should “denounce any acts of incitement to violence directed toward migrants by informing them of available mechanisms for redress[.]”

Robertson responded by going a step further and attacking diversity itself. He claimed that Leftists have acknowledged that diversity is a “very difficult challenge” because it’s “not something that comes naturally to people.” He complained that they “don’t make the obvious leap and say ‘Well okay, maybe we just shouldn’t do this,'” and instead push for “ever more diversity and ever more mass immigration.”

At no point did Meechan challenge Robertson on his views about diversity or immigration, which is particularly troubling because Robertson is a staunch white supremacist who has called for violence against migrants and the people who support them — seemingly including EU officials.

In a deleted video from March 8, 2015 titled “The EU’s Final Solution for European Man,” Robertson advocated launching torpedoes at migrant boats in order to prevent them from reaching Europe. After reading from a March 6, 2015 Breitbart article on migrant “welcome centres,” Robertson said this:

I mean, I don’t know how to say this because it’s so incendiary and offensive. I don’t know if there’s a gentle or acceptable way to say it. But I wonder if these refugees, vulnerable though they are, should be seen rather as, well, the enemy, and therefore not rescued from the sea but actually shot down. Maybe we should blow up their boats. Send a torpedo and just fuck them up.

I mean it’s terrible, it’s absolutely monstrous because you’re gonna get lots of men, women, and children being blown to bits, and drowning in a mutilated form. You know, in a mutilated condition — losing arms and legs and then drowning. And it’s horrendous. It’s like the worst death you could have, but I don’t know. What’s the alternative?

Later in the same video Robertson reflected on the time he spent in Italy as a child, and lamented that it’s no longer as white as it used to be. “But then I went there in 2010,” he said, taking a long pause before adding, “Everyone was…everyone was Turkish. Not even African. Not what we’re talking about here. This is a separate problem.”

Robertson then suggested that violent retribution should be taken against the people responsible for these liberal immigration policies:

I’m not going to name names. I’m not going to be specific. But I think that we should be taking down names. Because after the collapse, I hope that people — I hope that certain people meet their just desserts. I hope that some people are punished — executed — as they should be. I mean the damage that these people are doing to Europe… I mean Europe for God’s sake… Europe…

He then claimed that the DNA of the European people “must be preserved” and that “we’re being governed by people who don’t believe that.” Robertson has also spoken out against interracial relationships, and on one occasion fretted about pop star Taylor Swift dating a black man because, as he said, her “beautiful white genes” would be “contaminated by Africa.”

I understand that, to Meechan, shutting down voices like that of Colin Robertson isn’t the best strategy. But is that really less effective than joking around with him on his online show without meaningfully challenging any of his repugnant views?