Millennial Woes Condemns ‘Race-Mixing’ But Suggests Bestiality Is Defensible In NPI Speech

Millennial Woes

Following the round table discussion at Saturday’s 2016 NPI conference, “Millennial Woes,” a pseudonymous alt-right YouTube personality, gave a speech denouncing interracial relationships and sexual immorality. Millennial Woes gave his speech in a Q&A format, answering questions posed to him by the friend of an acquaintance.

One question he answered was why a white person should care about his or her own race above all others. Millennial Woes said that the answer, first and foremost, is “loyalty.” “Those other races and cultures are not yours,” he lectured, adding that this “does not mean that you shouldn’t care” about other races and cultures at all, but that white people should “prioritize” their own kind.

The reason is that “they belong to you, and you belong to them” because of what he called the “historical thread maintained by your ancestors.” He stressed that “nobody else” is going to look after members of your race and culture. That they are “your responsibility and yours alone,” and that you cannot abandon them.

Another question was why people should care about so-called sexual morality, especially when one’s choices harm no one else. This prompted Millennial Woes to briefly go off on a creepy tangent, telling his audience that “you can’t really explain” why something such as bestiality is “wrong.” He promised that if you tried he could “shoot your answers down.”

But he did say there were certain behaviors that are “passively harmful” — that is, they may not have immediate consequences, but they will inevitably “degrade the soul, shrivel the spirit, weaken the will, and poison the mind.” Moreover, if you indulge in certain behaviors, they will end up defining you. For example, he said, if “you sleep around like a slut, you become a slut.”

He also addressed the fear white nationalists have about the white race going “extinct.” Why, exactly, would it matter if people voluntarily become involved in interracial relationships? Millennial Woes conceded that “race-mixing has always happened” and “played a vital role in our evolution.”

However, he stated that it “is not a simple or benign process” and asserted that “mixed-race children and mixed-race groups of adults” are prone to less well outcomes due to their lack of “identity and belonging.”

The consequences are “depression, suicide, self-destructive behaviors, and rootless cosmopolitan nihilism.” (“Rootless cosmopolitan,” if you’re unaware, is an alt-right buzzword that means “Jewish.”) Furthermore, “race-mixing en masse” leads to the “extinction” of the two racial groups involved.

He insisted that this is wrong because humans would not share this same attitude toward non-human animals such as dogs or cats. Since people talk about the disappearance of “sub-species” as a “tragedy” we should therefore feel the same way about the white race vanishing by way of “race-mixing.”

So, just to summarize, Millennial Woes can’t provide an answer as to why bestiality is wrong but he could quickly come up with a reason — ridiculous though it may be — against “race-mixing.” Got it, dude.