Christopher Cantwell: ‘I Used To Think Holocaust Deniers Were Crazy’ Until Charlottesville

On the January 17, 2019 episode of Goy Talk, Neo-Nazi shock jock Christopher Cantwell said that he used to dismiss Holocaust deniers until after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. According to the white supremacist radio host, he believes it’s possible for evidence of the Holocaust to have been faked because, he said, people fabricated evidence against the Charlottesville marchers.

“I used to think Holocaust deniers were crazy, not because I thought it above Jews to lie about things but because it’s impossible for that many people to tell the same lie I figured, right?” he said.

“So after I left Charlottesville I was like ‘Wow, that could really happen.’ If that could happen in 2017 with the Internet, right — if you could have that many people believe a fuckin’ falsehood with fuckin’ hundreds of hours of video for everybody to watch, you imagine what the fuck they could pull over their eyes back in the 1930s and ’40s.” Like many Neo-Nazis, Cantwell erroneously believes the people who beat DeAndre Harris and murdered Heather Heyer were framed.

Dino — the idiot with the mask who uses Hey Arnold!‘s Dino Spumoni as his avatar — asked if that meant Cantwell was “redpilled on the Holocaust” at that point. Cantwell replied that he hadn’t “done a lot of research on the Holocaust thing” and that he doesn’t care if it happened or not. But he now believes that they “could tell us that fuckin’ Hitler personally raped all six million Jews, and there’d just be nobody to contradict it at this point.”

One of the hosts, who calls himself Arnel Swarztnibba on Twitter, chimed in to say the “Holocaust is like the source of [the Jews’] power” because it “keeps everyone guilty in their eyes.” “Uh oh,” Dino said, “whites are working for their own interests, another shoah’s comin’!” Swarztnibba added that “Denying [the Holocaust] outright denies [Jews] that power over you, so I can see the value of questioning it — at least not giving them any sympathy for it.”

Dino went on to say that he became a Holocaust denier through Donald Trump — or at least the media’s treatment of Donald Trump. He claimed that the mainstream media’s supposed lies about what Trump said and did in 2015 and 2016 was a “catalyst” for radicalization.

“And I know with me, personally, I was sittin’ there seein’ that happenin’ in real time and I was just like wondering — you started thinkin’ to yourself, ‘I wonder who else throughout history they lied about,’ you know?” said Dino. “What other person they told us was bad — and I immediately went to Hitler because they kept comparing him to Hitler. And that’s when I started goin’ down that road.

“And it wasn’t until after he was elected until I really started lookin’ into the Holocaust. But that was the thing that really got me started on that was just seeing, in the present time, how the media would just completely lie about things I saw and listened to with my own eyes, and how they would twist it on their program and their publications or whatever it was.”

Well there’s that. Or perhaps the more likely conclusion is that gullible, conspiracy-minded people will fall for just about anything if it confirms their preexisting biases?