DeAndre Harris Was Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting A White Supremacist, And The Alt-Right Is Furious

Yesterday a not guilty verdict was handed down in the case of DeAndre Harris, a black protester who was severely beaten by white supremacists during last year’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

Harris was accused of assaulting Harold Crews, chairman of the North Carolina League of the South, with a flashlight, and faced up to a year in prison. Harris claimed he struck Crews in self-defense shortly before a gang of white supremacists bloodied him in a nearby parking garage.

Harris was left with a spinal injury and a head laceration that required ten stitches, and his assailants are currently awaiting trial. But that didn’t stop a bunch of fact-deficient Internet sleuths from trying to prove Harris was the real aggressor.

At the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent (OD), columnist Marcus Cicero pleaded with readers to “get this BLM terrorist/fraudster arrested for his anti-white brutality.” Cicero wrote:

Just as I want to see those who fire our men after successful doxxing missions sued for everything they’ve got, I want to see Deandre in prison broke and destitute.

I want him charged for his attacks on us, and I want all of the money he raised under fraudulent means given over to the Alt-Right for further training and organizational purposes.

Let Little Deandre live the rest of his miserable life knowing that his own actions helped to strengthen his worst enemies, and let him watch the White liberation of this country from the confines of a nice cold prison block.

The OD audience obliged, examining every video clip of the incident for evidence they could use against Harris. One of the key “investigators” in this project was OD founder Brad Griffin. Under his pen name “Hunter Wallace,” Griffin wrote:

The lie that poor, innocent DeAndre Harris had been viciously attacked by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville had been spread half way around the world by Shaun King and the mainstream media before I arrived home. I knew from our people that they had been followed and attacked by DeAndre Harris and his friends while returning to their vehicles in the Market Street Parking Garage. The clip that was circulating on television had been deceptively cut to show only the aftermath rather than the full context of the incident which provoked the melee.

In that same post, Griffin claimed he had “indisputable video evidence against DeAndre Harris,” and, for good measure, pushed the falsehood that Heather Heyer died of a heart attack.

But in spite of this “indisputable” evidence, Judge Robert Downer Jr. ruled that Harris had, in fact, acted in self-defense since Crews had attacked one of Harris’ friends with a flagpole. “I don’t see that Mr. Harris did anything wrong that day,” said Downer. “It’s all on tape for me to see.”

White supremacists were predictably outraged by the acquittal. Griffin, who recently received his second Twitter suspension, bemoaned the ruling and claimed “leftwing mobs” had been given a “blank check” by the justice system to “suppress free speech” through violence.

At The Daily Stormer, attention-seeking bonehead Andrew Anglin wrote that “in Charlottesville, Virginia, blacks walk free while whites rot in jail for imaginary crimes.”

And, like Griffin, Anglin also ludicrously said Heather Heyer “fell on the ground and had a heart attack, having never been touched by [James] Fields’ car” and opined that Fields would be found guilty “despite [the] evidence.”

This was contradicted by “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler, who admitted on Radio Wehrwolf that Heyer was “definitely hit by the car.”

On Twitter, Kessler, himself no stranger to legal problems, said Harris was freed by a “kangaroo court” and suggested that Crews should file a civil suit “as they did with OJ Simpson”:



Carolyn Emerick, a white supremacist who celebrated the drowning deaths of 16 migrants and asked Twitter followers whether “undesirables” should be “sterilize[d],” said the verdict was evidence of “white genocide”:


Alt-righters on Gab were far less restrained. One user asked Harold Crews directly whether he was “called to testify against the negroid.” Crews said he wasn’t, and that Harris’ “claim of defense of another could have been easily bunked”:


Jack Corbin, a racist activist who was later ID’d as Daniel McMahon of Florida, practically burst a blood vessel over the news. He hysterically compared the attack on Crews to South African farm murders — known as “plaasmoorde” in Afrikaans:


Then Corbin started playing lawyer, offering up reasons why Judge Downer should’ve recused himself — e.g., he made donations to the University of Virginia and is married to a registered Democrat:




Good luck with that. Corbin also complained that Harris could’ve “rape[d] a 4 yr old white girl in broad daylight” and gotten away with it, and appeared to threaten Harris:



Social Prophylaxis wrote, “Apes need to be made accountable, I guarantee he’ll be going after more blood after seeing how far the judicial system will bend over backwards for them”:


Kikeslammer88 unsurprisingly blamed the Jews, and griped that “DeAndre gets off all charges after assaulting an elderly man” — Harold Crews is only 48 years old — “while Christopher Cantwell faces 20+ years for defending himself”:


Steve S falsely claimed that “Jews and niggers never go to jail.” Another Gab user corrected him, stating “Negroes do go to jail though, aren’t they the majority of prison population in America?” Steve S countered by saying, “Only the dumb brothers go to jail”:


Another Gab user with the name “I am pro GLOBALIST WARMING (in an oven)” called Harris a “nigger” and wondered whether “poisoning the jury with Jew Marxism caused this.” Paranoia and racism aside, Harris was actually given a bench trial, meaning no jury was involved:


George Lincoln Pepe said African-Americans “will never fully assimilate to white civil society as a group,” and that “once our communist infested judicial system starts openly giving preferential treatment to loathsome coons like this, we will all be dragged down into the muddy cesspool of an increasingly pronounced nigger culture”:


And one extremely angry user with a Nazi “death’s head” avatar said it’s a “complete lie” that the justice system is biased against “nigger apes”:


As over-the-top as these reactions are, they will be nothing compared to what happens when their friends finally wind up behind bars.