Alt-Right Podcasters Hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies So She Can Be Replaced By A ‘White Gentile’

On the 180th episode of the white power podcast Fash the Nation, hosts Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram celebrated the return of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s cancer last month. The 85-year-old liberal Supreme Court Justice underwent a successful operation last month to remove two malignant nodules from her left lung, but the racist radio hosts are hoping that this is a sign that Ginsburg’s days are numbered.

“There are actually Leftists out there who believe that Ruthie is gonna come back and show Trump what for and all this stuff,” said McFeels mockingly. “That’s just not happening. She’s had the rib injury to her lungs, and she has now had cancer removed from her lungs, and according to our good friend [white supremacist EMT] Alex McNabb, this is the worst month — worst time of the year, actually —  to get pneumonia.”

“So if she isn’t killed by the cancer, the pneumonia’s coming for her — could come for her,” he continued.

After McFeels read from an article about how the cancer in Ginsburg’s lung likely spread from another organ — noting that, if this is the case, her prognosis is “poor” — Halberstram remarked that it could move to her circulatory system and bones, which will be the “end of the line.” McFeels gloated that they “have the champagne on ice and the crab dance [meme] ready to go” when she dies.

In a reference to the celebratory 2018 “Crab Rave” song — and a potential nod to the astrological sign Cancer, which is represented by a crab — they and other white supremacists have been using photos of crabs to mock Ginsburg’s ailment. On Twitter Halberstram promoted their show with an image of Ginsburg with a giant crab looming behind her:

nazis cancer 1

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McFeels and Halberstram went on to say that they hoped a far-right, non-Jewish, white male would take her place in order to roll back rights for women and minority groups. McFeels said they “would love to see better jurists” than the ones chosen by Trump so far, but that whoever he picks will “make it very difficult for even a guy like Mitt Romney to say no” to.

Having said that, McFeels claimed they would oppose Amy Coney Barrett — the preferred pick of the Christian Right. “We do not want an Amy Coney Barrett. We do not want a fucking Amy Coney Barrett. We want another — at best we can get another Kavanaugh who’s got a pretty good record but who ultimately becomes an avatar for [a] fucking white male.” He added that it would be “great” to appoint “another white Gentile” to the Court.

They particularly loath Barrett because two of her seven children are black and were adopted from Haiti.

As McFeels said, “nobody wants some woman who’s adopted non-white children from a Third World country on the bench” because it supposedly “indicates that her decision making abilities is [sic] totally compromised.” And Halberstram added, “Our position is very clear; I mean that the whole adopted children thing a la Laura Ingraham is disqualifying from the judiciary.”

Other white supremacist cretins are likewise gearing up to celebrate Ginsburg’s demise — many of them using pictures and GIFs of crabs:

nazis cancer 2

nazis cancer 3

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nazis cancer 4

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nazis cancer 5

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