Patrick Little Is Touring The Country On A Fred Phelps-Style Hate Campaign

Ever since his crushing defeat in California’s “jungle primary” in June, Neo-Nazi Patrick Little has steadily gotten worse and worse. Apparently under the delusion that he would have come in “first or second” if not for massive voter fraud, he began spending his time ranting about the Jews to passersby and sleeping in his supporters’ backyards.

More recently Little supposedly began preparing for his 2020 presidential run by walking through cities like Minneapolis, Washington D.C., Boston, Los Angeles, and New York, while holding signs with slogans like “EXPEL THE JEW BY ’22,” “JEWS RAPE KIDS,” and “HOLOCAUST IS A LIE.”

He teamed up with two fellow Neo-Nazis — Mark Daniel Reardon and Emily Youcis — for his nationwide project which he’s dubbed the “Name the Jew” tour. The tour is just this trio of crackpots traveling from city to city while making inflammatory, anti-Semitic remarks.

Reardon, who goes by the name “Illegal Aryan” on Twitter and Gab and who was unmasked by Philadelphia Antifa last year, works as Little’s cameraman. Youcis, the indie animator-turned-white supremacist, can usually be spotted tagging along and taking photos or occasionally holding signs.

Of course none of this is particularly novel.

Their deliberately provocative protest conjures up images of the late Fred Phelps, leader of the homophobic and anti-Semitic Westboro Baptist Church, whose congregants picketed the funerals of soldiers and hate crime victims while carrying placards with similarly offensive slogans, including: “GOD HATES FAGS,” “JEWS KILLED JESUS,” “PRAY FOR MORE DEAD SOLDIERS,” and “THANK GOD 4 9/11.”

The reaction to Little, Reardon, and Youcis’ hate campaign — they refer to it as “J-walking” — has been mixed.

Little and Reardon were outside an Olympia, WA bar when they were beaten by a group of bystanders who were sick of being filmed and harassed. According to Little, Reardon suffered a “severe concussion.” In New York City Little was filmed for over 40 minutes walking around with anti-Semitic signs, and most people appeared to shrug him off as a lunatic.

In Skokie, IL, Little told viewers that, “It’s important to remember that almost every country that has expelled the Jews has cited child raping and child sacrifice and child abuse as reasons for expulsion of the Jews.” He was later escorted out of a Holocaust museum for holding up a sign saying “JEWS RAPE KIDS.”

In Washington D.C. he ranted about “terrorist Jews” who “stole 400 to 600 lbs of weapons-grade uranium” from the United States — a crime John F. Kennedy supposedly knew about and was assassinated over. He also claimed that Jews in the USSR “killed 30 million Christians.” Toward the end of that video a stream of people — possibly tourists — walked past as he babbled about Israel assisting ISIS.

And in Boca Raton, FL Little was attacked while holding his “JEWS RAPE KIDS” sign — this one adorned with crudely-drawn Stars of David. An unidentified man attempted to pull the sign from Little’s hands. While unsuccessful the man managed to tear portions of it away. On Gab Little posted photos of the attack and wrote, “Was just assaulted in public by some kind of mamzer while exercising my freedom of speech in Boca Raton.”


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Little indicated that he would be pressing charges against his assailant.