Ayla Stewart Leaves A Message Of Support For White Nationalist Teacher Dayanna Volitich

Last week news broke that a Crystal River Middle School social studies teacher named Dayanna Volitich was not-so-secretly hosting a white nationalist podcast called Unapologetic. Since then Volitich has been removed from the classroom while the Citrus County school district conducts an investigation.

Volitich, under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov,” made racist remarks about non-whites, suggested that Muslims should be “eradicat[ed]…from the face of the earth,” claimed feminism was cannibalizing itself, and promoted the work of anti-Semitic author Kevin MacDonald.

In one Unapologetic episode Volitich said that African-Americans were “unprepared” for Hurricane Katrina due to their “hunter-gatherer culture.” One parent whose student is in Volitich’s class claimed the teacher expressed support for racial segregation.

What little reaction there has been from the white nationalist community has been almost entirely positive. Lana Lokteff, who was Volitich’s last podcast guest, called it a “witch hunt” by “delusional religious zealots who hate nature”:

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In another tweet she cranked the hysterics up to 11 by saying Volitich was being “burned at the stake”:

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And today, white nationalist Ayla Stewart (a.k.a. Wife With a Purpose) called the school to leave a message of support for Volitich because, she said, there is nothing wrong with white nationalism. After the operator explained that the school superintendent had already released a statement, Ayla said pretty much what you’d expect her to:

But I’m just calling in support of her, actually. I would like to just let people in the school district know that there’s a lot of us that don’t feel her views are extreme at all. And we feel that if a teacher had been organizing with a Black Lives Matter group or something of this sort, or Latino race-based group that she would not have come under fire and she would not have been removed from the classroom. And so I just wanted to make it known that there’s a lot of people out there, myself included, who feel that there’s nothing wrong with white people advocating for their race.

She instructed her viewers to follow her lead and leave similar messages for school officials in hopes of saving Volitich’s job. Though at this point that might be easier said than done.