‘I Don’t Care If Your Kid Dies At School’: The Alt-Right Attacks Parkland Shooting Survivors

In the aftermath of our nation’s latest mass shooting which left 17 people dead at a school in Parkland, FL, white supremacists were furious. Not because a bunch of innocent people, mostly children, were murdered by someone whose racial views were just like theirs.

No, they’re mad because the survivors of the massacre demanded common sense gun reform.

And, given the alt-right’s track record, it’s unsurprising that they’d have their jimmies rustled by the idea of having to pass a simple background check before owning an assault rifle. After all, without guns they’d have to stick to murdering people knives or vehicles.

So when a group of Stoneman Douglas High School students started protesting and giving powerful speeches in favor of gun control legislation, immediately began attacking them online — smearing them as attention-seekers or puppets of billionaire George Soros.

Mr. Maelstrom, a self-described “Traditionalist Catholic” who uses an Iron Cross in his Twitter name, said we “shouldn’t base policies on the emotions of kids” and called one of the students, Emma Gonzalez, a “brat” who needs to be “deported”:



Lucid Hurricane — a repeatedly banned Nazi account — called their campaign for gun control “domestic propaganda,” and later tweeted unhinged messages about the students being fed lines through ear pieces:


“What type of ZOG sh-t is going on here,” asked Andrew Quackson, an anti-Semite with over 20 thousand followers. (ZOG is a racist acronym that stands for “Zionist Occupied Government.”) One of his followers replied, “little zoglings reading from their scripts tells you everything you need to know”:


White supremacist Matt Colligan, better known as Millennial Matt, baselessly accused the students of “get[ting] rich off of [their] dead friends”:


Lauren Rose, another white supremacist activist, tweeted a photo of Gonzalez with the caption, “Using your dead classmates to launch your political career”:


Ricky Vaughn attacked survivor Cameron Kasky, smearing the student as a “crass, craven, disgusting worm” and accusing him of exploiting the tragedy for personal fame. “Dance for the cameras, monkey,” Vaughn sneered:


And MicroChip — another pseudonymous alt-right troll who allegedly resides in Utah — pushed the crackpot rumor that the survivors of the shooting are crisis actors funded by the ADL, the SPLC, and George Soros:





Not that it matters to him that schoolchildren were gunned down and traumatized. As MicroChip made perfectly clear, he doesn’t care either way:




For what it’s worth, MicroChip is apparently hyping these conspiracies in a ham-fisted attempt at trolling the mainstream media.

His stated plan is to pretend to be a Russian bot — listing his location as Moscow and using the Twitter handle @TEN_GOP_1, a reference to a Russian troll account — get CNN to report on it, embarrass them, and declare victory. Or something:




Anyone who’s ever paid attention to the aftermath of these tragedies should have the same sick sense of déjà vu.

They’ll remember the vultures who attacked the families of the children slaughtered at Sandy Hook: bombarding their grieving parents with death threats, accusing them of being “crisis actors,” claiming they looked insufficiently upset over the deaths of their kids.

They’ll think back to every bogus meme shared on Facebook alleging that the same “actors” and “actresses” were seen sobbing at multiple crime scenes — Newtown, Aurora, Boston — and wonder how so many people could be so abjectly stupid.

After every tragedy there’s some cultish group of people who, out of ideology or sincere paranoia, promote outrageous rumors about a sinister plot by the Illuminati or Jews or globalists to restrict their freedoms. All we can do is continue to drown out their ridiculous bullshit.

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