The Far-Right Can’t Stop Complaining About ‘Black Panther’

It seems that when it comes to Marvel’s Black Panther, the verdict is in: the movie is an enormous success. This President’s Day weekend, the unapologetically black superhero film took in some $218 million according to Variety.

And as IndieWire pointed out, it’s already setting records, including the “best February and pre-March opening weekends ever” and the “best pre-May debut of all time.”

The movie stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther, the king of the hyper advanced, all-black nation of Wakanda. A predominantly black cast and a positive representation of Africa? No wonder white conservatives are losing their minds over it, repeatedly pointing out that Wakanda isn’t real — shocking, I know.

White supremacists naturally used the movie’s release to complain about Africa, black superheroes, and black people in general. One of the more common jokes has been the “We Wuz Kangz” meme, which began on /pol/ and originally poked fun at Afrocentric beliefs, but is often deployed to belittle every black achievement:

Lana Lokteff, the white supremacist co-host of Red Ice TV, called Black Panther a case of that meme coming true as pictures of flying pyramids and huts flashed across the screen. Mike Peinovich of The Daily Shoah similarly called it “we wuz Kangz stuff” and “self-cheerleading” for a “uniquely unaccomplished people.”

Racist YouTube personality Paul Ramsey sarcastically said black children need to watch the film to “see what could have been” in Africa. “In real life what happened is Africa was the top civilization,” he joked. “They had the top technology, they’re the most superior people, and then, unfortunately, these backwards cavemen from Europe came down to Africa and stole it all from them.”

Ashton Whitty, a far-right YouTube commentator who’s done interviews with alt-right figures, was offended by people who said the movie depicted what Africa might be like if white people never exploited its people and natural resources.

“Did those people really think those comments were appropriate when right now there is an epidemic in South Africa where South African farmers are being slaughtered just because they’re white?” she asked indignantly.

Bre Faucheux of the alt-right media collective 27Crows Radio said Wakanda was based “on the idea that this one territory never experienced white colonialism” and never had its resources taken by the “evil white man” who gave Africans “roads, and modern medicine, and better birth rates.”

InfoWars “reporter” and conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson called the movie a “piece of shit” while admitting he hadn’t seen it, and reminded viewers that Wakanda is a fictional city. “Africa is portrayed as a shithole because it’s a shithole,” he said, echoing the racist rhetoric of President Trump.

Roaming Millennial, the host of her own show on CRTV, blasted support for the movie as racist, and criticized it for glorifying a black “ethnostate.”

And Steve Franssen — yet another alt-right dweeb with a fashy haircut — took the opportunity to stand up for chattel slavery because, well, at least it brought black people out of Africa, right? He boasted that “their living standard rose dramatically” in the U.S., and that “just after the era of slavery, blacks started earning…81 cents on the dollar to whites.”

Bearing that in mind, Franssen wanted to know when African-Americans would stop “bellyaching” over slavery and thank white people already. “It’s actually — it should be sort of flipped on it’s head, like, ‘Ah, thanks for gettin’ us out of Africa, ’cause if we’d still be there it’d be like hell.'”

Watch a compilation of their stupid, racist reactions:

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