Mark Collett: Interracial Pornography Is Akin To White Women Being Taken As Spoils Of War

In the February 19, 2018 episode of Alt Right 101, Mark Collett and Bre Faucheux discussed the insidious scourge of interracial pornography, which they believe is a Jewish plot to undermine the white race.

Faucheux claimed that interracial sex is being pushed so much because a “majority” of people who consume porn “tend to be white males.” However, she added, “I can’t see them actually liking that, I can’t see them enjoying one of their own race getting — for lack of a better term — screwed by a man who is not of their race.”

And because she believes white men don’t like seeing interracial porn, she believes that makes the adult industry push it even more, despite the fact that “they’re having difficulty finding female porn stars who are willing to participate” in interracial sex scenes.

In a column for The Daily Beast, retired adult actress Aurora Snow explored why interracial sex is still a taboo for many women in the industry. Part of the reason, she suggested, is that many actresses are falsely informed that they will be paid less in the future:

Kristina Rose shared the advice she was given on race when entering the industry in 2007: “I was told by my agent that girls who did interracial didn’t make as much money. I wish I hadn’t listened to my agent—if I had been doing interracial from the beginning, I probably would have won Performer of the Year.” Most of the girls who won Performer of the Year, the porn equivalent of an Oscar for Best Actress, did start out doing interracial. Agents who offer this advice are often, in my experience, also older white men.

And that isn’t the only example of racism within the industry. As pointed out by The Root, black adult actresses are often paid less than white actresses for the same work.

Collett went on to say that “one of the most notable sites that does this is a site called Blacked,” which, he pointed out, is owned by “Jewish pornographer” Greg Lansky. (Collett helpfully pointed out to his viewers that Lansky also owns two other websites: Tushy and Vixen, which I’m sure Collett has first-hand experience with.)

He explained that paying white adult actresses to do sex scenes with black performers is a “power thing” for Lansky. “He likes seeing beautiful, white, Western females having sex with black men,” Collett said.

“And again this buys into the idea of white men being dispossessed of their females. Of white men no longer being the alpha. Of white men being the beta. Of white men being cuckolded. Of having their wives, girlfriends, daughters even, taken from them and submitting to another race.”

Collett certainly reads a lot into Lansky’s motivations. But in a 2017 interview with Forbes, Lansky revealed that he wanted to be a part of the adult industry since he was young, and is motivated by his belief that pornography is a form of art. As Lansky put it, “I mean, you can do porn and make art at the same time.”

Collett sees something deeply sinister in Lansky’s “art,” however. “In the past, when a nation, or a people, or a race or a culture have been conquered, it has always been customary for their women to have been taken by the conquering army,” he said. “When a nation submits to another, their women are taken almost as a spoil of war.”

In this type of pornography Collett sees a “psychological aspect” — a message that whites are a “conquered” people, and that “their women” being taken by non-whites.

And he claimed it’s particularly “damaging” because it “places the white man as a second class citizen” and a “conquered” man. “Because the idea of another man taking your women, taking your females, making them theirs, is that those females then give birth to the seed of the conqueror, not the seed of the conquered,” he added.

White supremacists are known to obsess over interracial sex and pornography. This paranoia is rooted in a desire to control the sexuality of white women, as well as the fears of “polluting” the white race and of becoming a racial minority. To prevent this, many white supremacists have turned to violence.

A century ago lynchings were used not just to mete out extralegal punishment to black men suspected (often falsely) of committing crimes like rape, but also as acts of terror to prevent sexual relations between black men and white women.

Between 1977 and 1980, serial murderer Joseph Paul Franklin targeted blacks, Jews, and mixed-race couples, and in 1978 shot and paralyzed Hustler founder Larry Flynt in retaliation for an issue depicting interracial sex. The late William Luther Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries, dedicated his second book, Hunter, to Franklin.

Dylann Roof’s 2015 murder of 9 black parishioners was motivated at least in part by his belief that black men were “raping our [white] women.” And just last year, Daily Stormer fan James Jackson murdered an African-American man in New York City to dissuade white women from dating black men.