Tim Murdock: White Genocide Memes Will Move The Overton Window

In another segment from Red Ice TV‘s exceedingly long New Year special, Tim Murdock (a.k.a. Horus the Avenger) explained his use of memes to troll people and move the Overton Window. Murdock, a Michigander who runs the website White Rabbit Radio, has spent nearly a decade spreading propaganda about “white genocide.”

“White genocide” is the belief that a coordinated campaign of non-white immigration and miscegenation — pushed by Jewish elites — will result in the literal extinction of the white race. Murdock relies heavily on “The Mantra,” a 221-word racist screed by the late Bob Whitaker that tries to reframe anti-racism as “anti-white.”

Murdock was quoted in 2013 by Hatewatch — the blog of the Southern Poverty Law Center — as saying, “What I am is a provocateur. My job is to provoke a conversation using the very charged concept of white genocide to create a paradigm change. I’m not interested in creating a National Socialist state.”

Examples of Murdock’s best known work are the videos “How Whites Took Over America” and “Antiracist Hitler.” The former video depicts white settlers as smooth-talking liars who immigrate en masse to North America and berate Native Americans for being “bigots” when they complain.

Similarly, the plot to “Antiracist Hitler” involves Adolf Hitler returning — from his secret Argentinian lair, no less — and, under the guise of anti-racism, flooding Israel with (crudely drawn) black migrants to make Jews a minority in their own nation.

When one character, a stereotypical-looking Jew, complains that Hitler is promoting relationships between Jews and non-Jews, Hitler responds with, “Vell, ve could mix Asians and Arabs too, vould zat make you happy? You’re just a jealous racist who can’t get a Jewish girlfriend!”

Murdock currently hosts the podcast This Week in White Genocide with Johnny Ramondetta (a.k.a., Johnny Monoxide).

During the Red Ice segment, Henrik Palmgren remarked, “Everything with memetics, everything with planting ideas and words, kind of the things that we’ve seen really taken off in the last few years, you’ve been kind of a pioneer, really, on that front.”

Murdock explained the initial difficulty in getting Robert Whitaker’s message of “white genocide” to the masses, because he wasn’t sure if any white supremacist websites were large enough to effectively broadcast that message.

But, he said, “these websites like Stormfront were large enough to interject messages into the population,” even though it took “a few years.” “But now, of course, [our white genocide message] is all over the place, and our websites are large enough to interject messages very quickly,” he said.

Later in the conversation Murdock asserted that “[m]emes move and fundamentals follow,” and that, “The Overton Window is always moved with your most aggressive memes.”

The Overton Window refers to the range of ideas or policies that are considered politically acceptable. Theoretically, if one introduces an unthinkable idea, that idea will make all other less extreme positions look reasonable. Other white nationalists, like Congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, have boasted about moving the Overton Window further right.

He explained that he also uses these memes to troll people in everyday conversations:

And then years later I started using this stuff more and more in conversations just because you get tired of arguing with someone who’s heavily programmed, when you can just outwardly troll them. “Okay,” from the anti-white narrative, “Okay, you’re speaking from the anti-white point of view.” You know, politely calling them “anti-white.” They call you “white supremacist,” I always say, “Well, but only white supremacists call — er, only anti-whites call me ‘white supremacist.’ Everyone else calls me ‘Tim.'”

Murdock also said he has more animated shorts about “white genocide” planned for this year, hoping to ape the success of “Antiracist Hitler” and “How Whites Took Over America” — though it’s unclear just how effective these videos have been in convincing people “white genocide” is real.

[The following clips are from a nearly 8 hour livestream.]