America First Media Dissolves Amid A Feud Between Nick Fuentes And James Allsup

Yesterday, Nick Fuentes announced an abrupt end to his alt-right video and podcast network America First Media. Fuentes, who hosts America First Live and co-hosts Nationalist Review with James Allsup, broadcast a Periscope video explaining the situation, and airing out America First’s dirty laundry.

According to Fuentes, Allsup took the unusual step of changing the title of one of Fuentes’ videos — in this case, an interview with white nationalist candidate Paul Nehlen.

Allsup said that the title, “Paul Nehlen on the Tribe,” was too “explicit.” This move exacerbated existing tensions between Allsup and Fuentes, which had been building for some time.

In addition to the argument over changing one of his video titles, Fuentes complained that Allsup was frequently late and rarely completed projects.

He complained that Allsup missed “four shows in the month of December, he’s sick, ‘Oh whoops, I forgot,’ and I look like an idiot because every Tuesday and Thursday I’m saying ‘Check out Overdrive, coming up next,’ and he misses it four times, no shows.”

Then, after missing several shows, Allsup allegedly told Fuentes he would “relaunch” his show — a promise that also fell through.

“So James misses four shows in December, he’s gonna start a new podcast — which doesn’t make livestream money, by the way — he doesn’t know what time it’s going to start at until the day before, he doesn’t know the name of it until the night before,” he said.

“The day it’s supposed to debut, he says, ‘Ah, you know what I woke up too late, I’ll just release it tomorrow. Does that sound like a professional company, does that sound like a good launch of a new product? No.”

On top of these problems, Fuentes said Allsup was habitually late to their Nationalist Review podcast — sometimes by an hour or so — and then made the announcement that he would soon be a co-host on The Right Stuff’s Fash the Nation.

He went on to explain that he “didn’t want the company to collapse” and that he “put up with a lot” before James Allsup and their mutual partner Matt McGuinn cut him out of the operation:

James wants to make Nationalist Review a TRS podcast, he wants to regurgitate the TRS memes, he wants to regurgitate the Richard Spencer talking points, he wants to have his own channel where he makes his own videos and his own money, and he wants to be an affiliate of The Right Stuff at the same time while he’s neglecting his responsibilities — and I put up with that for the longest time. But then when I try to communicate these concerns, all the while I’m doing my show consistently and I’m asking to make it better, and I’m not heard, I’m not answered… It’s no wonder. It’s no wonder.

This culminated in yesterday’s announcement, made on the official America First Media Twitter account, that Allsup and McGuinn had “parted ways” with Fuentes:

Although Fuentes said he would continue with his America First Live program, the drama continued to escalate. After he broadcast his Periscope video, Fuentes tweeted that Allsup — whom he referred to as “Downie” — banned him from their Discord server and doxed his family members:

America First Media denied this through a tweet, calling Fuentes’ accusation “patently false” and “an attempt to misinform.” The tweet also included a screenshot that implied Fuentes himself was guilty of doxing someone:

Fuentes replied by calling the allegation “ridiculous” and once again accused Allsup of refusing to ban Discord members who doxed his family:

In his last message directly addressing James Allsup, Fuentes wrote that he “wish[es] James’ imitation Right Stuff podcast well,” but that he “won’t forget the slander about my family which they condoned on that discord [sic] server any time soon!”

Of course, he continued to retweet messages mocking James Allsup:

Allsup Tweet 1

Allsup Tweet 2

It’s uncertain what the immediate result of this split between Fuentes and Allsup will be, but it seems clear that the alt-right movement as a whole will continue to fracture.