Headlines — 1/09/18

An alt-right teacher loses his job after students find his Twitter account, Donald Trump privately rationalized Klan membership, the bogus “voter fraud” commission is disbanded, and more.

The New York Times – The alt-right’s Asian fetish.
AlterNet – How white nationalists hide in academia.
Raw Story – Stephen Miller was escorted out of CNN by security when he refused to leave after disastrous interview.
Media Matters – The long, public humiliation of Steve Bannon.
Think Progress – Roy Moore accuser loses everything in house fire under investigation for arson.
BuzzFeed News – An alt-right leader lost his job as a substitute teacher after students found his Twitter account.
The Daily Dot – Trump reportedly tried to privately ‘rationalize’ KKK membership in wake of Charlottesville.
The New Yorker – The Neo-Nazis of The Daily Stormer wander the digital wilderness.
The Mercury News – Terror suspect who stopped train linked to Neo-Nazis.
Rewire – Trump ends ‘sham commission’ probing baseless voter fraud allegations.