Andrew Anglin Can’t Stop Kvetching Over His ‘Atlantic’ Profile

The Atlantic recently published an article for its December 2017 issue on Andrew Anglin, the Neo-Nazi founder of The Daily Stormer. Written by Luke O’Brien, “The Making Of An American Nazi” provides us with a glimpse of how Anglin evolved from a dreadlock-sporting anti-racist vegan to the proprietor of the most popular hate site.

And if Anglin’s recent appearance on The Daily Shoah is any indication, he’s not pleased with it. Anglin accused O’Brien of literally stalking his mother because O’Brien tried to get her to say something on his behalf.

One passage in particular, in which he wrote about driving to Anglin’s mother’s house, set off the entire TDS “Death Panel.” “He stalked my mother, he was repeatedly calling her work,” Anglin said.

“Maybe the fact that she turned out the lights and didn’t answer the door is ’cause somebody was fucking stalking her,” Mike Peinovich exclaimed. “No, he’s investigating, goy, he’s doing his work,” remarked co-host Jesse Dunstan. “Very dedicated to the task at hand. He’s working very hard.”

“You know my mother doesn’t know about any of this stuff,” Anglin protested, calling it “sick” that she became involved in this article.

Then he turned his attention to O’Brien’s interview of an ex-girlfriend. “He says that I had this girlfriend and she got raped which — okay, yeah, girls never lie about that,” he replied sarcastically.

And he responded to the allegation that he called her a “slut” and instructed a group of girls call her house to harass her by saying he didn’t remember doing so. But, he added, “it seems like something I probably would’ve done.”

Another allegation that set Anglin off was that he jokingly kissed a black boy in his class, which he claimed was a fabrication and swore “on Jesus Christ” he never did. But how can we take Andrew Anglin at his word here? He lies so frequently that in a credibility contest he’d lose to the National Enquirer.

To recap, he’s lied about having thousands of “fake black person accounts” on Twitter, about Taylor Swift being a closet Nazi, about living in Nigeria, about his website’s traffic, and about being a white supremacist.

Hell, he’s even lied about liking Papa John’s pizza — which is so bad that every slice ever made ought to be put on a floating barge in the Atlantic and set ablaze like a Viking funeral.

The kvetching continued as the Death Panel accused O’Brien of having “threatened” Anglin’s acquaintances in order to get interviews. According to Anglin, O’Brien told people they would be named as part of a “Nazi conspiracy” if they didn’t comment for the piece, thus rendering all the information O’Brien gathered questionable at best.

Peinovich, who was recently the subject of a New Yorker article by Andrew Marantz, said, “Yeah, I mean, if Marantz had been successful in reaching all the people that knew me in high school, whether they liked me or hated me, and had told them ‘If you don’t talk to me, I’m gonna name you as part of the Nazi conspiracy,’ God knows what he could’ve gotten.”

“He did name one guy,” Anglin chimed in. “He did name a guy who I haven’t talked to in a really fucking long time, but that I knew in high school — he put his name in there!” This was a reference to Anglin’s childhood friend, West Emerson, whom O’Brien pointed out had a “‘favorite’ Hitler quote and alt-right references” on his Facebook page.

Anglin’s conclusion was that O’Brien is “trying to get this fucking guy fired,” in spite of the fact that the article includes Emerson’s denials of sharing Anglin’s beliefs. Peinovich reacted by furiously denouncing O’Brien as a “fuckin’ scumbag.”

But the best part of Anglin’s rant occurred when he pointed out the reason why journalists are reluctant to cover him in the first place. “Look, they can’t get anybody to cover me, okay? Because they know I’ll print pictures of their homes, and their addresses, and their phone numbers in revenge.”

So the person who organizes racist terror campaigns against his enemies — especially Jewish journalists and politicians — and doxxes their family members is just anguished by the idea that a journalist stopped by his mother’s house to talk to her for an article about him, and wrote about contacting his childhood friends.

The same person ordered his Nazi followers to send Julia Ioffe a barrage of violent, anti-Semitic images. That poor guy.

And like nearly all the Daily Shoah discussions on journalists and the mainstream media, there’s an obligatory self-righteous rant by Mike Peinovich, which was just too good to pass up:

Let’s psychoanalyze this fuckin’ guy. Alright? Let’s turn the tables and psychoanalyze this fuckin’ guy. You said he has three articles on his website? He wants to be a journalist? He’s not even a good writer, he hasn’t made any major breaking story. So he figures, what he’ll do is he’ll tell the Jews what they wanna hear. He’ll follow you around, stalk your family for like a fuckin’ year. And then what he comes out with is this vomited piece of garbage, literary garbage. …

How ’bout this, Mr. Luke O’Brien? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you, Luke O’Brien? You suck. You’re never gonna be a journalist. No talent. He’s never gonna write for the New York Times. This article right here, Luke O’Brien, you are right now at the pinnacle of your career. This is the most that you will ever accomplish, and me, Andrew, The Daily Shoah, [The] Daily Stormer, the alt-right — everybody’s gonna go on to bigger, better, greater things. And you, the best thing you’ll [have] ever done is this piece of shit garbage that you vomited into the pages of The Atlantic.

This is your life, this is your career. Everything you ever live for and built in your whole life, that’s the culmination of it and you’re talking about a guy — you made up half the shit talking about aliens, talking about white shariah, who the fuck even knows? That’s you, Luke O’Brien. That’s your fuckin’ life. That’s your fuckin’ career. What made you? What was your kindergarten teacher like? Who the fuck made you into a guy that had nothing to live for but to stalk a guy’s family and write some bullshit? Kissing up to Jews. You’re nothing.

I’m not much for psychoanalysis myself, but if I had to go out on a limb I’d say they’re kinda mad.