Andrew Anglin Wants You To Believe He Has Thousands Of ‘Fake Black Person Accounts’ On Twitter

In a December 9, 2016 post to the popular Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer — which now bills itself as “America’s #1 Most-Trusted Republican News Source” –Andrew Anglin vowed “revenge” on Twitter for banning fellow white supremacist Andrew Auernheimer as well as someone named Jared Wyand.

His plan? To have his Nazi followers impersonate black people on Twitter. Yes, that’s actually his stated plan.

“We shall become niggers,” Anglin wrote. “And we shall bring the entire system to its knees.” If that sounds ridiculous to you, just wait until you hear the details of his “revolution” against the social media platform.

“A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that my trolls have on-hand approximately 1000 fake black person accounts, which are going live in the biggest trollstorm Twitter has ever seen,” he claimed. “These accounts are up to two years old, with updated tweet histories which have been filled in meticulously. Today they will begin the operation to bring down #blacktwitter.”

Anglin said that his goals are to “create a state of chaos on twitter, among the black twitter population, by sowing distrust and suspicion, causing blacks to panic” and to handicap the Black Lives Matter movement. He reasoned that BLM activists would “no longer be able to operate without being constantly suspicious that blacks responding to them are fake accounts.”

Goading his followers into joining him, he compared creating fake accounts to an RPG game “where you are becoming a character and playing it.” From there it gets even dumber. Here’s some of Anglin’s advice on making troll accounts:

Decide whether you want to be male or female. Female is easier, in terms of trolling, though it might be a hard character to play.

If you’re not feeling creative, you can just use a standard name like “Shay,” “Malita,” “Jay” or “Mike.” You can also just make up random stuff like “Jinky Slip,” “Flex Fist” or “Goldie T.” You can also use a funny black name like “D’Arnell” or “Shanika.”

Oh yeah, “Jinky Slip” and “Flex Fist.” Guess “D-Money,” “Smoothie,” and “Shifty” were already taken. Anglin even offered some “notes” based on his “research into black twitter.” Go on, Andrew, we’re all ears:

  • Most of them are using twitter on their phones, so spelling is often autocorrected. However, homophones are often used (“no” instead of “know”) as well as abbreviations and texting slang recognized by phone spell-checkers (“u” instead of “you,” “n” instead of “and”)
  • They use a lot of emoticons.
  • They do not use much punctuation
  • They mainly follow whichever hashtag is trending, and there is always a black or black-related hashtag to jump on.

Under the subheading “Attack Formations,” he gives examples of how to start “chaos” among black people on Twitter, and it’s all as lazy and stereotypical as anything else he’s written.

For example, one method is to “Always claim that you know people in real life” because black people “cannot grasp the concept that anything exists beyond their own sphere.” That means “you can easily say ‘nigga I no u,’ and they will believe it.” Yeah. Okay.

He also suggested starting “sex-related drama” (including “accus[ing] black men of being secretly gay” and “accus[ing] a black man of having sex with white women in front of a black woman”), creating “fake DM messages,” and claiming “that you heard their mixtape and it sucked.”

Now, as awful and racist as that instructional article was, is there any reason to believe Anglin is telling the truth about having thousands of troll accounts impersonating black people? No. Remember that Anglin is both a Neo-Nazi and a troll. He’s fooled media outlets into writing that he literally believes Taylor Swift is a secret Nazi, and made headlines for ludicrously declaring New Balance to be the “official shoes of white people.”

In addition, his white supremacist brethren at The Right Stuff convinced the press that there was a racist voter suppression scheme afoot that involved handing out weed and 40s in the “ghettos of Philly.” Even the Daily Caller schmucks had to laugh when websites like Politico ended up running with that story.

Of course I’m not saying that some folks aren’t going to attempt this. Certainly the tactic of impersonating people online in order to spread rumors and sow chaos has happened before, with 4chan’s efforts to troll feminists being the most obvious example.

But if Anglin were serious, I doubt he’d be announcing his plans for the whole world to see. After all, several days later it became apparent that folks outside of Anglin’s “troll army” had stumbled upon his article. People on Twitter were already sharing screenshots of it, and encouraged people to be on the look-out for impersonators.

Today Anglin posted a followup article entitled “Fake Black Twitter Conspiracy: We’ve Been Found Out,” and wrote, “They are already onto us, calling us out.” However, being found out is “all part of the plan” since people “won’t know who is who, and will accuse each other of being fake” culminating in the banning of real accounts.

“The main thing I would advise you to do right now is keep accusing real black people of having fake accounts,” he added. “They haven’t come up with a hashtag to identify this yet, but they probably will by tomorrow…This will teach Jack Dorsey what happens when you mess with Republicans.”

Sure it will.

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