Paul Nehlen Calls For Repeal Of Birthright Citizenship On White Supremacist ‘Fash The Nation’ Podcast

You might (or might not) remember Paul Nehlen as the upstart Republican challenger for Paul Ryan’s congressional seat. Nehlen, a motorcycle riding Trump stalwart who never before held political office, lost to the House Speaker during the August primary and garnered only 16% of the vote.

Nehlen’s career, however, is far from finished — a sentiment he expressed on the most recent episode of the white supremacist radio program Fash the Nation. Unlike other activists and authors who perhaps unwittingly made appearances on racist podcasts (e.g., Christina Hoff Sommers), Nehlen sounded as though he was an avid listener.

In addition, Nehlen and Fash the Nation hosts Marcus Halberstram and Jazzhands McFeels appeared to agree on a great many issues, including free trade agreements, Islam, immigration, and birthright citizenship.

Nehlen said McFeels was “exactly right” that the political establishment wants “unfettered immigration” into the U.S., and called Paul Ryan an “open borders zealot.”

He criticized Ryan for having meetings with DREAMers — beneficiaries of the proposed DREAM Act which would offer some undocumented immigrants a path to permanent residency — and promising to change our immigration laws.

He added that he recently heard Rep. Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans “bashing Trump” on tariffs. “And, so you’ve got a country like China who’s manipulating its currency, and somehow these establishment cucks think that a fair playing field is us free trading with a mercantilist country?” he asked in disbelief.

Nehlen: When you run against Paul Ryan you’re not just running against Paul Ryan. You’re running against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, you’re running against all of his special interest money, you’re running against people who want these terrible trade deals because they’re gonna make a lot of money off of it. And they don’t care that the U.S. average person isn’t.

McFeels: For the same reason they want unfettered immigration into the [country].

Nehlen: That’s exactly right. You’re exactly right. And Paul Ryan has been an open borders zealot for twenty years. It’s been said that Paul Ryan was grown in a petri dish at the National Review. And you know, I believe that

McFeels: He may well have been.

Nehlen: He is absolutely — he’s besties with Luis Gutiérrez, another open borders guy out of Chicago.

McFeels: Yup.

Nehlen: And Paul Ryan would meet with DREAMers in Racine and tell them — they’ve got it on film, him telling DREAMers that they were gonna change the immigration laws. And, basically, he won’t say the word “amnesty,” he will never say it. He’s a well-trained politician. But he’ll say things, he’s on CNN — he had a town hall on CNN when he could’ve been debating me, but of course he wouldn’t — and he talked about “Our businesses need a steady stream of low-cost labor.” He said that on CNN. I couldn’t believe it.

Halberstram: Wow.

Nehlen: But, you have to believe it. And that’s how these guys think.

McFeels: It’s remarkable.

Nehlen: I just saw today that, I think it was Kevin McCarthy [who] came out and said, they’re bashing Trump on any tariffs. And, so you’ve got a country like China who’s manipulating its currency, and somehow these establishment cucks think that a fair playing field is us free trading with a mercantilist country?

Nehlen stated that he was working on both a book about his failed congressional campaign and an anti-Muslim movie. On the subject of Islam, Nehlen called Muslim immigrants a “Trojan Horse” and a way to “spread” their religion.

“And hijrah is the mechanism to do that,” he claimed. “It’s a jihad, essentially.” Hijrah actually refers to the journey of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina.

Nehlen: You know this Muslim immigration is really a Trojan Horse. All these refugees — these so-called refugees — it’s a Trojan Horse.

Halberstram: Taqiyya…

Nehlen: And Islam is absolutely spread through immigration. And the hijrah is the mechanism to do that. It’s a jihad, essentially.

By far the silliest portion of the interview came when McFeels asked Nehlen for his thoughts on birthright citizenship, noting that he was already “on board” with Trump’s proposed border wall and “deportation force.”

“Yeah I think we should get rid of it,” he replied, asserting that there are “Chinese people flying over here” to take advantage of birthright citizenship. Even more bizarre was his assertion that the Chinese are actually “paying to have their babies inside of American women’s wombs” — an intricate plot to take over America, to be sure.

Taking Nehlen’s claims at face value, McFeels said “we have to stop it” since it’s just a “misinterpretation” of the law.

Actually birthright citizenship is explicitly written into the Fourteenth Amendment, which declares, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

In other words, if you’re born on U.S. soil, you’re a citizen afforded with all the protections of the U.S. Constitution.

It’s not merely an “interpretation” or “misinterpretation.” It’s the plain, black-and-white language of the Citizenship Clause. Indeed, the Chief Counsel to Republican Senator John Cornyn wrote as much in an article for The Federalist.

Meaning that if Nehlen wants to stop Chinese citizens from paying American women to carry their children, he’s going to need an amendment for that.

McFeels: So you’re fully on board with the wall, fully on board with what Trump calls a “deportation force” to remove the illegal immigrants that are here. What’s your stance on [the] repeal of birthright citizenship? I mean we’re one of the few countries that still has it. A lot of places in Europe got rid of it in the ’80s or in the ’90s.

Nehlen: Yeah, I think we should get rid of it. I mean we’ve got Chinese people flying over here to have babies in order to do that. I just heard the other day that they are paying to have their babies inside of American women’s wombs at this point.

Halberstram: Oh, they’re looking for, like, immigration surrogate mothers?

Nehlen: Yeah.

Halberstram: Oh wow.

Nehlen: Yeah, yeah.

McFeels: Who’s shocked though? I mean of course there is gonna be some kind of rip-off industry that would’ve grown up around this kind of thing. So yeah we have to stop it. I mean we absolutely have to stop it, and it’s absolutely crazy that we still have it based on some interpretation of — misinterpretation — of a law.