Headlines — 11/16/17

Sean Hannity is now the media’s top conspiracy theorist, Trump’s judicial picks are furiously anti-gay, how the Pizzagate hoax came to be, and more.

Rolling Stone – Pizzagate, and the anatomy of a fake news scandal.
Right Wing Watch – Extreme right-wing figures melt like snowflakes after their Twitter verifications are revoked.
Tablet Magazine – The success of ‘Hatreon’ shows us why kicking bigots off social platforms doesn’t solve the problem.
Vox – Sean Hannity has become the media’s top conspiracy theorist.
Media Matters – Gateway Pundit’s idiotic new defense of Roy Moore is that his accuser’s body language was fake.
The Daily Beast – Trump’s judicial picks call trans children ‘Satan’s plan,’ says gays are ‘brainwashing’ kids, and more.
Think Progress – Immigration arrests at New York courthouses up 900 percent, advocates say.
Mother Jones – Roy Moore’s lawyer cites MSNBC host’s ‘diverse’ background to defend dating underage girls.