Tim Gionet Livestreamed His Tantrum Over Being Suspended From Twitter

On Wednesday Twitter finally started to show signs of cracking down on its white supremacist users. White nationalists Jason Kessler, Jared Taylor, Ayla Stewart (a.k.a. Wife With a Purpose), Richard Spencer, and James Allsup all lost their verified status. And Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet — another verified white supremacist — was permanently suspended.

Gionet tweeted plenty of racist statements on Twitter, including images of Jewish people in gas chambers, the number “1488,” and David Lane’s “14 words” motto. Since at least 2016 he was deeply involved with the alt-right, and attended the infamous “Unite the Right” rally last August.

So it’s really not a total shock that Gionet was banned, in spite of the fact that he’s recently been spending most of his time doing livestreams of Mario Odyssey, albeit with an unusual Christian twist.

The only person who seemed to be perplexed by this turn of events was Gionet himself, who responded to his ban with a nearly nine hour livestream which consisted mainly of him complaining and begging for donations. The best part of this incredible tantrum was the time Gionet spent wandering around an In-N-Out Burger parking lot, raving like a maniac and harassing customers.

“I am completely pissed off, I am completely confused,” Gionet told his viewers. “I had 200,000 followers, verified, I was following the rules, I didn’t break any rules. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. They’ve been coming after conservatives, they’ve been targeting people who are Trump supporters, people who support the president, who actually stand for the pledge of allegiance — that’s who they’ve been targeting.”

“I just, I’m blackpilled,” he continued, his voice raising as he spoke about how much work he put into his Twitter account over the past five years. “200,000 followers! Gone! All gone! They want me to disappear. They tried to even get me off YouTube for playing Mario.”

The best part came after he asked a few random people why he was banned — most of whom flat-out ignored the creepy guy with the beard approaching them — when someone commenting on the livestream told him to mace himself “in celebration of being banned.”

“How ’bout you go fuck yourself?” He snapped. “How ’bout that? Alright? You guys think it’s so funny when people get attacked. Ha ha ha ha ha. Very funny. Ha ha ha ha ha. Alright? Yeah, censorship is funny, attacking people is funny. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! I’m out here, you’re hiding behind some fucking anime avatar. I’m out here on the fuckin’ streets all the time riskin’ my life to get the truth out there. So you can go fuck yourself.”

He does have a point, though. This is pretty funny.