‘Daily Shoah’ Promotes Suidlanders Event And Interviews Self-Proclaimed Ex-Mercenary Who Wants To ‘Exterminate’ Blacks

Recently I wrote about the connection between alt-right groups in the U.S. and an Afrikaner survivalist group called the Suidlanders. White nationalists such as Jared Taylor and Michael Hill promoted the group and and their fundraising efforts.

These funds will ostensibly be used to purchase supplies for when a race war explodes in South Africa. And the Suidlanders aren’t quite done with their U.S. tour either.

As the “Death Panelists” at The Daily Shoah announced, there will be an event hosted by the Suidlanders in Michigan — Mike Peinovich described the Suidlanders as “a group of South African whites that are trying to save themselves from genocide.”

The exact details of the event are being kept secret for the moment, but people interested in attending were instructed to contact an anonymous person whose email address includes the name “fascistfather.”

They then introduced one of their guests: a man who goes by the name Jayoh De La Rey and claims to have worked as a mercenary in South Africa. This is only an allegation, however, with nothing to back it up. For all we know, De La Rey is as much an ex-mercenary as Muslim-basher Kamal Saleem is an ex-jihadist.

What we do know, however, is that De La Rey harbors deranged fantasies about waging a genocidal campaign against blacks.

In response to Mike Peinovich wondering how South Africa wound up in the state it’s currently in, De La Rey said it occurred “through marginal and gradual policies” until the government began talking about “enacting land theft” a la Zimbabwe.

And, in De La Rey’s opinion, if one “just leave[s] niggers in charge” they will “keep ruining everything.” “You know, you give them farms, the farms go sallow,” he said. “You give them businesses, the businesses go under. They have a cargo cult mentality wherein they believe if you put a suit on and go sit in the office, then the things happen.”

And De La Rey proceeded to give his version of a history lesson, telling his fellow Death Panelists that:

The Anglos and the Boers went to war twice because of Jewish interests in the mining industry in the late 1800s and then right before the turn of the century. And then the Boers — the Afrikaners sort of wrested control of their country through the National Party, became a Republic, and instituted what we call apartheid or separate development. And through Communist and liberal agitation for forty or fifty years — even under the weight of tremendous social pressure and economic embargoes and people cutting off diplomatic ties, whatever — they were able to make it for several generations.

Peinovich asked whether former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died in 2013, was “ideologically a Communist” or “just pro-black and anti-white.” “I think both,” De La Rey replied. “But the way that they whipped up their people was just, ‘Hey, white people have stuff and it belongs to you. So, go blow them up and take it, right? [Mandela] knows his own people are retarded.”

“It was the last stand of implicit white identity, right? It was the last country [that] had some form of segregation,” he said.

“And that’s why every time I talk about this I come back to this point. And I talk about this on every show I go on. People say, ‘Well how do we prevent this from happening?’ Listen, there’s no version of segregation that will ever work, because somebody will always use it as a cudgel against you.” Thus, his solution is, well, the final solution. “And that’s why I get ragged on for being the unironic exterminationist” said De La Rey blandly.

Continuing off of his comment on exterminating blacks, De La Rey claimed that “the whole of colonialism, and settlement” and of “cultures colliding” has been “the history of everyone trying to wipe each other out.” White people, he insisted, were “better at it than everyone else.” Finally, we have an answer to the age old question of what a hypothetical White History Month would consist of. Turns out it’s mostly genocide. Go figure.

And, he warned his listeners, it appears whites have even lost their touch at that. Yes, De La Rey said that the white race is currently “losing” that fight, which means we need to “get back on the horse.”

De La Rey pointed out that while most murder victims in South Africa are black, so are their killers — unsurprising since black South Africans represent a majority of the population.

But Jesse Dunstan explained that the reason for South Africa’s high crime rate is that black South Africans are “animals” with a “70 IQ” on average. De La Rey said that in his (alleged) experience in South Africa, while he didn’t make contact with “every tribe,” he could see “the marginal level of being extra retarded.”

“They live like animals,” he ranted, before referring to them as “jungle people” and “fucking monkeys” who are “speaking languages that only have three, four hundred words.”

As for a practical solution for helping the Afrikaners, De La Rey wasn’t so sure. “Okay, so RAHOWA’s not gonna kick off tomorrow,” he admitted — “RAHOWA” being an acronym that stands for “Racial Holy War,” a concept that originated with Matt Hale’s Creativity Movement. And resettlement would never be an option either, since the Afrikaners would never be viewed as refugees, and, in any event, most want to stay in South Africa.