The South African Connection: How American White Supremacists Are Assisting An Afrikaner Group Prepare For Race War

In 2006, Gustav Z. Müller founded the Suidlanders — a South African survivalist group whose mission is to prepare for what they believe is a massive race war. Purportedly formed under the auspices of international law — specifically Protocols I and II of the Geneva Convention, according to their website — the Suidlanders are supposedly dedicated to safeguarding Afrikaners, or Dutch-descended South Africans, from a coming tidal wave of black-on-white violence.

Information on the Suidlanders appears sparse and, apart from their English website, almost entirely in Afrikaans. They declare themselves to be the world’s largest non-state civil defense organization, and they do not bear the hallmarks of a terrorist organization in the vein of, say, the Boeremag, whose members attempted to assassinate Nelson Mandela in 2002 in hopes of sparking a violent civil war. Yet neither are they pacifists — they advocate self-defense if necessary. And now, they are making inroads with America’s most notorious white supremacists.

Brad Griffin and Occidental Dissent

The founder of the Southern nationalist blog Occidental Dissent, Brad Griffin has penned a number of inflammatory articles under the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace.” In 2012, for example, he wrote that “Hitler was justified in conquering” Norway, and claimed that “in 150 years” mass murderer Anders Breivik will be viewed as “the European John Brown.”

In a March 16, 2017 post, Griffin wrote that he was contacted by a representative of the Suidlanders. He explained that he received several calls from an unknown number. When he finally answered the phone, a gentleman by the name of Simon Roche introduced himself and informed him that an acquaintance passed Griffin’s number to him.

Later, he revealed that he had accidentally recorded the conversation between himself and Roche, and posted the audio to his blog as proof. During the phone call, a portion of which I’ve included here, Roche explains that he and other Suidlanders are currently “touring the U.S.” as part of a “fundraising mission.” Roche says that he was hoping Griffin would cover the Suidlanders organization on his blog. Griffin agreed, telling Roche that he has “written a few things about the crazy situation going on” in South Africa.

Griffin made good on his promise to highlight the Suidlanders’ situation, writing that they “believe that a full blown crisis could be upon the White community within a month or two” and noted that they were soliciting funds to “implement their Emergency Plan.”

Griffin urged his readers to take measures to assist the Suidlanders, including contacting their representatives about placing sanctions on the South African government, donating money, and requesting that the Trump administration intervene. Several readers appeared willing to help. In the comment section one wrote, “If those guys want some volunteers to fight the nigger communists in South Africa then godammit, sign me up!” Another simply wrote, “Prepare For War.”

Jared Taylor and American Renaissance

Griffin wasn’t the only white nationalist Mr. Roche reached out to either. In his call to Brad Griffin he admitted that he reached out to James Edwards of the Memphis-based Political Cesspool radio show. Roche was unable to contact Edwards, but managed to find a sympathetic ear at American Renaissance — Jared Taylor’s neo-eugenicist online magazine.

At AmRen, writers have long warned of an ongoing “genocide” of white South Africans, and its store sells copies of former BNP spokesman Arthur Kemp’s Victory or Violence, about the late white supremacist Eugène Terre’Blanche and his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging — a pro-apartheid paramilitary group.

On March 15, 2017, AmRen published an interview between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Roche. During the interview, the pair discussed the nature and goal of the Suidlanders, as well as the supposed plight of white South Africans. Jared Taylor remarked:

It’s often the case that people in the United States who have some understanding of race, they look at the way that, for example, the South African farmers have been tortured before they’ve been murdered — just a kind of horrible, brutal treatment that some whites have faced at the hands of blacks. And they imagine this as some kind of, just vicious animus toward whites. But it seems to me that blacks can be equally cruel to each other. There’s just a different sensibility about understanding the pain that someone else feels, or imagining oneself in someone else’s shoes. Would I be accurate in that respect?

Roche seemed to hesitate, but drew a comparison to former British politician Trevor Philips when he was “describing the sine wave, the bell curve” when discussing how “8 out of 10 of the people who run in the 100 meters final at the past London Olympics will be black, and two of them will be white.” He said that one should be “cautious about generalizations,” but added that when it comes to “cultural generalizations” white people should be “realistic when confronting the circumstances that we are in.”

“Can you tell me a little bit how you imagine chaos would occur? Do you have any particular scenarios as to what might bring about the kind of situation which your organization would swing into action?” Taylor asked. Roche replied that the Suidlanders “anticipate a broad, race-based civil war” because “the tension in South Africa has become so great that when the bubble bursts, it’s going to be quite a messy affair.” When Taylor asked whether the South African army would “split along racial lines” Roche answered in the affirmative.

Taylor went on to allege that, “It is not difficult for those of us in the United States who pay attention to current events to imagine the black population turning on the white population.” In fact, the predicament faced by South African whites is considered by Taylor and others consumed by racial paranoia to be “harbingers of the future.” Taylor noted that whites are roughly eight percent of South Africa’s population, and claimed that there are areas within the United States with similar percentages of whites. These areas, said Taylor, are “not pleasant places to be.”

Mr. Roche assured Taylor that his fears of a non-white majority were not unfounded, telling Taylor that:

You’ve got to be somewhat foolish to believe that the trend to which you are referring in the U.S.A. and in Europe is going to reverse miraculously. Or stop. Or even slow down. It’s accelerating. The reality is that people — more and more migrants will come to your successful economies to leech off them. And the greater opportunity those people have, the more again will come. It’s never, ever going to stop unless somebody does something about it. Why would it stop? It just simply doesn’t stand to reason. So your culture will become more dilute — that’s the nature of the thing. People are not going to adopt your culture completely. So your culture will become more dilute. And you will become weaker.

This fear is at the heart of the white nationalist belief in so-called “white genocide.” That immigration and miscegenation will “dilute” white people and their culture out of existence. It may not have the urgency of a literal genocide to most people, but it does animate a certain subset of whites who believe they will become a minority in “their” country.

Michael Hill and the League of the South

Michael Hill is the President of the League of the South (LoS) — a neo-Confederate and white supremacist hate group. In the past, Hill has advocated violent retribution in response to black crime. Shortly after last year’s riots in Milwaukee — sparked by the death of 23-year-old Sylville Smith — Hill penned an article entitled “How long, white man?”, which denounced the “negro rampage” and the “mounting attacks on whites” by “dark-skinned, Third World orcs.” Hill wrote that whites, particularly Southern whites, should be “vigilant” and “return violence with a double portion of violence.”

On March 25, 2017, Hill wrote a pro-Suidlanders article for the LoS website explaining that “The League for long has had an interest in the plight of our white brothers and sisters in the former Rhodesia and South Africa,” and that “we see the dangerous situation in southern Africa as one that could repeat itself in our own Southland in due time.”

Hill stated that he actually reached out to the Suidlanders, and reproduced a letter from Mr. Roche in its entirety. In his letter to Michael Hill, Roche wrote that the Suidlanders are “presently touring the USA in a race against time to raise funds for civilian non-combatant vital necessities in anticipation of an imminent race-based civil war in that country.” Roche claimed that he and the other Suidlanders “are approaching people who are sympathetic to their plight” in order to “secure funds” for vital necessities.

Alex Newman and WorldNetDaily

At Joseph Farah’s conspiracy-oriented website WorldNetDaily, Alex Newman posted a “WND Exclusive” article on the Suidlanders. Newman began his article by writing, “With their country collapsing, persecution growing, and well-founded fears of genocide and bloody communist revolution, a group of Western-minded Christians in South Africa is preparing for the worst.” He pointed out that the Suidlanders “have been compared to American ‘preppers,” but that “the situation the white South Africans are facing is much more bleak than what most Americans can comprehend.”

Of course, one of the writers in WorldNetDaily’s employ is the South African-born Ilana Mercer, whose 2011 book Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa received a positive review from F. Roger Devlin at AmRen. Devlin, a speaker at last year’s National Policy Institute conference in Washington, D.C., wrote that Mercer is “no apologist for the apartheid system,” but rather feels that most people have “misconceptions” about it. “Apartheid was never based on a theory of white supremacy,” he wrote, “rather, it was a survival strategy for the badly outnumbered Boers.”

South Africa, the Suidlanders, and the Obsession with ‘White Genocide’

Other white supremacist personalities spread the Suidlanders’ pitch for financial assistance on Twitter. Reinhard Wolff — sometimes a substitute host on Red Ice Radio — claims to have donated $20 to the Suidlanders:

#WhiteResistance asked their followers to donate to their “Racial Kin,” using the hashtag #14W — or 14 words:

Billy Roper, whom the Southern Poverty Law Center calls the “uncensored voice of violent neo-Nazism,” shared an article on the Suidlanders:

And Tim Murdock (a.k.a. “Horus the Avenger”) shared Brad Griffin’s article on the Suidlanders:

The situation in South Africa has long been a cause célèbre for white supremacists who believe in the myth of white genocide. Violent attacks on farmers have been used as part of a racist propaganda campaign to frame Afrikaners as the victims of a mass ethnic cleansing. In 2013, for example, South African musician Steve Hofmeyr claimed that South African whites were being killed “like flies” and that white farmers were being “slaughtered every five days.”

The non-partisan organization Africa Check examined Hofmeyr’s statement. They noted that while South Africa “certainly has one of the highest crime rates in the world,” whites are actually far less likely to be murdered than non-whites. They pointed out an analysis of a national sample of 1,378 murder dockets conducted by police in 2009. According to that data, white South Africans make up 1.8% of murder victims despite being just under 9% of the population.

So far this hasn’t stopped the likes of Mike Peinovich at The Right Stuff, who still believes white South Africans are close to being eradicated. In a recent episode of his podcast The Daily Shoah, Peinovich and his co-hosts Jesse Dunstan and Alex McNabb discussed South Africa and, naturally, took a stand in favor of apartheid.

McNabb promoted a 2010 documentary about paramedics in Pretoria and Johannesburg called Tell Me And I Will Forget. “I mean, holy shit. Imagine having to have your house basically encased in a bird cage of sorts to keep out the rapists,” he said. “Like, just imagine that. And having to run to your car in the morning so that the rapists don’t get to you as you’re trying to get in your vehicle and go to work. It’s unbelievable.”

Peinovich said he hopes South Africa will serve as a warning to white people throughout the world, but doubts that it will. “As things stand now, the narrative on South Africa, in most other white, Western countries, is still Mandela was a hero.” He went to call it “really amazing” that “there’s a literal genocide of a unique ethnic group,” and that no one speaks out on their behalf. “Those [Boers and Afrikaners] are distinct ethnic groups, and they’re going to be wiped out, okay? And nobody is fuckin’ cryin’ about this. Where’s the U.N. session on this problem?” he asked.

“This is literal genocide,” he continued. “And the Boers are literally going to be dead. And nobody gives a shit.” And why does no one care about what Peinovich called a “fucking crime of historical proportions”? As McNabb put it, “‘Cause whitey is bad, ’cause apartheid.” “‘Cause apartheid was so fucking bad,” Peinovich shot back, prompting McNabb to allege that “even the [black] Africans preferred it.” “Oh they loved it. They loved it. They had jobs,” said Peinovich.

Kenn Gividen is yet another extremist figure taking up the Afrikaners’ cause. Gividen, creator of the anti-black website The Daily Kenn, ran on the white nationalist American Freedom Party ticket in 2016 — he would have been VP under the elderly segregationist Bob Whitaker.

Gividen claims that he is not a white supremacist. He even says he knows of no one who identifies as such, referring to the label a form of “hate speech” against whites. However, he calls the idea that race is only “skin deep” a “Marxist axiom intended to lure us away from reality and into the altruistic muck of multicultural mythology,” and believes white people are, “in the aggregate,” more intelligent than blacks or Latinos.

He recently sat down for an interview with a white South African woman to discuss black crime and the possibility of seeking refuge elsewhere in a majority white nation. When he asked the woman what she thought would happen to her country, she replied that it would “go the same as what Zimbabwe is today.” Zimbabwe is another sore spot for white supremacists, who continue to wax nostalgic about white-controlled Rhodesia.

“So you may have two choices: either get out or die,” Gividen croaked. He said there should be a “concerted effort to get white people out of South Africa” akin to the “worldwide effort to let Muslims get out of the Middle East.” Gividen’s rescue plan would consist of taking swaths of land in Detroit and giving it to Afrikaner refugees for them to farm. “But that’s not gonna happen,” he conceded. “Nobody listens to me.”

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