Janice Fiamengo To White Nationalist Talk Show Host: Men Are Living Under A ‘Feminist Version Of Sharia Law’

In a May 25, 2016 interview for Radio 3Fourteen, a white nationalist program hosted by Lana Lokteff, University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo blasted women’s studies programs and feminism for supposedly giving women a privileged status and turning men into “second class citizens.”

Fiamengo, an outspoken anti-feminist with ties to the men’s rights group C.A.F.E. (the Canadian Association for Equality) seemed unperturbed by the prospect of speaking with Lokteff, a vocal opponent of interracial relationships who once referred to a white couple’s black baby as a “niglet.”

“So what is it that really drives some of these women that are teaching these women’s studies courses? Is it political motivation, or what is it that you found anyway?” asked Lokteff.

Fiamengo replied that she thinks “it’s a combination of things” but that it is “largely” a “Utopian vision of how the world could be transformed” that drives these professors.

“I mean most of these people are progressivists [sic], they’re leftists, they believe that a fundamental transformation of our society is necessary, and much to be desired,” she said, further asserting that “they see their role as not teaching students how to think but teaching students what to think, and therefore bringing about the revolution.”

Lokteff asked if they were simply “Marxist in nature,” to which Fiamengo answered in the affirmative, noting that “study after study shows that professors…identify as…liberals or further left” while few identify as conservative. “This is their vision, and they see, I mean, women’s studies programs and many others are really the academic arm of the radical feminist movement,” Fiamengo claimed.

Lokteff complained that “small men’s groups” cannot gather in public, especially when those groups are made up of white men. “Uh oh, can’t have any European men in a club anymore, right? That’s practically slavery,” she joked. Lokteff also condemned white, Western feminists for insufficiently condemning what she called the “European invasion” and “true rape epidemic” by Middle Eastern migrants.

Fiamengo agreed with Lokteff’s contention but said that sort of thing is “not what feminism is about.” Instead, Fiamengo said that feminism is about “a claim of innocence through victimhood” for women, and the targeting of “white, Western, capitalist, heteropatriarchal culture.”

As she put it, the “white woman secures her innocent victimhood by opposing herself to that” as opposed to defending the victims of “Muslim supremacy or of barbaric cultures elsewhere in the world.”

“Rather than doing that, she aligns herself with those cultures as the supposed victims of white, Western, patriarchal tyranny. And that means that feminism has declared a kind of peace agreement with Islam.”

Lokteff then accused European feminists of “actively covering up true rapes” for the sake of political correctness. Again, Fiamengo was in agreement, calling the situation an “absolutely perfect convergence of radical feminism disempowering white, Western men” and “radical Islam” which, she said, promotes a “violence culture of rape and domination of women.”

Fiamengo continued, laughably claiming that white men are now being put in a position where they may actually welcome radical Islam and because, as they supposedly see it, sharia law is no worse than the feminist system they currently live under.

“Many white men probably feel they’re living under a kind of sharia law…a feminist version of sharia law right now in which, you know, the testimony of four men is, you know, worth the testimony of one woman, where everything is reversed,” she exclaimed.

How in the world this woman is still a professor remains unclear.

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