The Daily Stormer Celebrates the ‘Start of the Terrorist/F*ggot Civil War’ After the Mass Shooting in Orlando

Orlando Shooting

UPDATE: The death toll has risen to at least fifty, making this the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

This morning I woke up to the news of a second horrific shooting in Orlando, FL. Before people could even come to grips with the shocking murder of singer Christina Grimmie, word spread that a gunman had entered The Pulse, a gay nightclub mere miles from Grimmie’s final concert, and opened fire. As of now, twenty people have died and another forty-two have been injured in what is one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. The gunman, ID’d as 29-year-old Omar Mateen, may have had radical Islamic leanings, and law enforcement officials are treating it as an act of domestic terrorism. It’s a truly heart-wrenching tragedy — unless you’re a white nationalist on The Daily Stormer, that is. Continue reading “The Daily Stormer Celebrates the ‘Start of the Terrorist/F*ggot Civil War’ After the Mass Shooting in Orlando”

Janice Fiamengo to White Nationalist Talk Show Host: Men are Living Under a ‘Feminist Version of Sharia Law’


In a May 25, 2016 interview for Radio 3Fourteen, a white nationalist program hosted by Lana Lokteff, University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo blasted women’s studies programs and feminism for supposedly giving women a privileged status and turning men into “second class citizens.” Fiamengo, an outspoken anti-feminist with ties to the men’s rights group C.A.F.E. (the Canadian Association for Equality) seemed unperturbed by the prospect of speaking with Lokteff, a vocal opponent of interracial relationships who once referred to a white couple’s black baby as a “niglet.” Continue reading “Janice Fiamengo to White Nationalist Talk Show Host: Men are Living Under a ‘Feminist Version of Sharia Law’”

Gavin McInnes Accuses ‘the Far Left’ of Plotting ‘Genocide’ Against Conservatives

Gavin McInnes 2

In a video uploaded to Alex Jones’s YouTube channel on May 26, 2016, Jones sat down with hipsterdom’s patient zero, Gavin McInnes, to talk about — what else? — Social Justice Warriors and murderous Islamists who want to annihilate the West. Continue reading “Gavin McInnes Accuses ‘the Far Left’ of Plotting ‘Genocide’ Against Conservatives”

Alex Jones Claims Pope Francis is ‘the Antichrist’

Alex Jones Crazy 2

On his May 20, 2016 edition of his eponymous online show, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones announced that Pope Francis declared himself to be the Antichrist, based on remarks the Pope supposedly made about ISIS being similar to Jesus’s disciples — which, I dunno, sounds awfully fishy to me. Continue reading “Alex Jones Claims Pope Francis is ‘the Antichrist’”

James Edwards: U.S. and Europe Has Been ‘Invaded’ by ‘Savage’ Muslims

James Edwards
James Edwards (right) and co-host Eddie Miller at the grave of Klansman Nathaniel Bedford Forrest.

On his March 26, 2016 podcast of The Political Cesspool, Memphis-based radio host James Edwards — along with co-host Keith Alexander — used the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium to demonize multiculturalism and Muslim refugees.

Continue reading “James Edwards: U.S. and Europe Has Been ‘Invaded’ by ‘Savage’ Muslims”

Random Headlines — Je suis un parisien

We stand with France.
We stand with France.

The Washington Post – String of Paris terrorist attacks leaves over 120 dead.
Think Progress – In response to Paris, Ted Cruz calls for airstrikes with more “tolerance for civilian casualties.”
BuzzFeed News – White supremacists are thrilled Donald Trump mentioned “Operation Wetback.”
Mother Jones – The War on Women is over — and women lost.
Refinery29 – Cop on trial for assaulting 13 black women gets all-white jury.
Media Matters – New Fox News host has track record of poor-shaming, sexism, and transphobia.
The Daily Beast – Inside Virginia’s creepy white-power wolf cult.
Hatewatch – Meet the anti-LGBT hate group that filed an amicus brief with the Alabama Supreme Court.
Mondoweiss – US and Israel try to rewrite history of UN resolution that declared Zionism is racism.
Raw Story – Utah judge reverses decision to remove baby from lesbian foster parents.