Matt Heimbach: Wealthy Jews are Bankrolling Trump Protesters

Matt Heimbach
Make America white again?

Matthew Heimbach — the founder of the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party — recently sat down to interview John Friend for his podcast at Radio Aryan. Friend, who just last year lost his job when his employers discovered his connection to virulently anti-Semitic organizations, discussed the protests against Donald Trump which both he and Heimbach asserted were funded by the likes of George Soros (a longtime bogeyman of the right) and other Jewish financiers.

Heimbach cited a video of a Students for Trump meeting at a Portland college that was disrupted by left-wing students, some of whom held banners with “Communist symbols” on them. The point was that this incident was but one example of many, and these left-wing “agitators” are often paid by wealthy Jews like Soros. He even asserted that organizations like Femen — a group whose female members stage topless protests of right-wing religious and political figures — have received backing from Soros. As Heimbach himself put it, many left-wing groups have received millions in “Jewish dollars.”

John Friend agreed, pinning the blame for the 2011 Arab Spring uprising on George Soros, too, and claiming that Black Lives Matter was almost entirely funded by the liberal billionaire and These and other rumors have been swirling around for some time now, but there’s little reason to believe they’re true. Indeed, what is more likely is that Heimbach and Friend are preying on the stereotype of manipulative Jews pulling the strings of politics and world finance.

And while there are, indeed, wealthy Jews and Jewish organizations (including George Soros for the left and Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC on the right) that lobby for their own pet causes, this does not prove the ridiculous claims about such people and groups literally staging protests and rebellions across the globe.

The pair also discussed the “weaponizing” of language and history to the detriment of white people. Left-wing Jews, it seems, are staging an elaborate brainwashing campaign to convince white people to accept abortion, so-called white “displacement,” and Israeli war crimes. Never mind that many left-wingers, including Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis, have been prominent critics of Israel.

Once again, it all boils down to elaborate and laughable conspiracy theories concocted by the fevered imaginations of white racists.

Heimbach: And, uh, that kinda brings us into the first topic I wanted to discuss today. Because I, uh, I posted online a video I saw, uh, that you watched, of a, a group of Students for Trump who in Portland were organizing a chapter. And this is normal. There’s Bernie Sanders groups, Hillary Clinton groups, Ted Cruz groups, uh, I’m sure there were Jeb [Bush] groups, um, that had absolutely the best swag but no one showed up. But, um, this meeting was disrupted by these Marxists with banners that said “Red Power,” that had all sorts of different Communist symbols, and there was an alliance of the radical left — of anarchists, Black Lives Matter — all these different groups coming together to disrupt students organizing for themselves.

And even one of the students in the video, um, that was a Trump supporter said all these people are just anti-white. You know, the language they were using was just completely directed against, uh, against whites being able to organize politically, even for, you know, a candidate like Donald Trump who, as I’ve said before, I don’t believe is a white nationalist but he’s, he’s still bringing the ideas of identity and culture to the forefront. And, of course, immigration. So, um, they, they had to shut it down. So I kinda wanna know your thoughts on the video and how, to me, it really just seems like, like that little 10-minute video is kind of a microcosm of American politics as a whole.

Friend: You know, it really is, and, you know, you see these videos at Trump rallies and it’s always the same…the same sort of situation. These very radical, hostile, and really just out of control protesters trying to shut it down. Trying to expose people and take their photographs and, you know, leak their personal information online to get them fired from their jobs, and things like this.

These people are totally hostile to us, they hate white people — they openly say these things, you know, they openly say that they hate whites and, you know, they’re working to end white, quote unquote white supremacy. As if we have a white supremacist government. We have the most anti-white government in all of western civilization, I think at this point. And, you know, these people are still so deluded they think it really is this white supremacist establishment oppressing all of these non-whites. So it’s just ridiculous.

And one of the points that you made when you posted that video on Facebook, is that there is no negotiating with these people. There’s no dialogue with these people, there’s no debating these people. They’re not interested in that. They are interested in shutting you down, and in some cases they’re looking to provoke you. And, and, you know, looking to provoke a violent confrontation.

I was just out at the, uh, the recent NPI [National Policy Institute] Conference in Washington, D.C., and there was a group of protesters that you would find at a Trump rally. The same exact type of people. And I know from firsthand experience [inaudible] a video of it, um, as I was walking up to the, to the building where the NPI Conference was held, and, um, you know, I captured a — it, it really gives you a good insight into what these people are like.

And yeah, they’re absolutely there to, to provoke you and, and they’re looking to get you into trouble. And it’s just ridiculous. It’s really, um, you know, polarizing American society I think right now. And it’s becoming more and more clear that you’re either, you know, on the side of, of Trump and you wanna make America great again, or you’re essentially siding with these anti-white, anti-American, Commie losers.

Heimbach: Well, exactly. I mean, and that’s actually a funny thing. It was a few years ago when, uh, we were protesting, uh, the May Day, uh, rally in front of the White House for the second year. And I was talking to some of the police officers because the Communists even at their own rallies never seem to get out of bed on time to show up on time. And uh, and, and one of the, uh, cops was talking to me about how he sees these protesters at every single rally.

Whether it’s an environmental rally — where, you know, I, I think a nationalist stand on the environment is far better than, uh, the, the far left’s stand, of course — um, but whether it’s an environmental rally, or it’s a thing about Guantanamo Bay, or it’s against the police, or, um, you know, whatever the event is, it’s the same group of protesters. And, you know, one thing that got me is when they were talking about the Donald Trump rally, they, they, you know, took pictures of the people that were literally, like, bicycle-locking themselves to their vehicles and things like that to block the road — which of course is a crime. And, uh, and one of the women, who was a rather, I guess, attractive woman, um, who was doing it and doing all these interviews, you know, she was connected with a George Soros, um, you know, organization.

And, you know, that’s to me, why, uh, the Russian government, you know, has basically banned non-government organizations for a very good reason. Because these George Soros front groups — whether it’s, uh, Femen, whether it’s radical Communists, you know, they might dress themselves up and, you know, the Center for Democracy or things like that — but, uh, but all they are is, these are actually, you know many of them…you know, there’s obviously the cannon fodder that I kind of equate to, in the Second World War where you had, like, some, you know, Russian Orthodox peasant that just wanted to take care of his family and a commissar shows up one day, puts a gun at his head and makes him charge towards a German position…

Friend: Right.

Heimbach: …you know, he’ll be shot. But, um, the very core — and that’s the difference between the organized Left and the organized Right in this movement. All of us do this for free. You know? We, we actually put our own money and our own time into things. But these, these professional protesters that show up at all these events, do all these organizations and things like that, are actually backed with, in some cases, tens of millions — or even hundreds of millions — of Jewish dollars to be able to promote this agenda that, you know…you would think after they control the media, you’d think that after they bought off almost all of our politicians, that they, they’d be willing to just accept that, but they’re, uh, they’re even pumping, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars in — like George Soros does — to these groups, to be radical Leftist agitators.

Friend: Well you’re right, and, you know, this is Bolshevism in America. This is what these people represent. And what did [Vladimir] Lenin call them? Useful idiots?

Heimbach: Yeah.

Friend: And that’s exactly what many of these people are. Total useful idiots. They don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about in many cases. They’re just…their minds have been totally poisoned by this Jewish Marxist propaganda and they just kinda go along with it. Um, but no, you’re right, and we’ve seen this. There’s so many examples of this. The whole Arab Spring [uprising] where all of these, you know, protest groups were, were forming in the Middle East and, you know, trying to, to overthrow their governments in Egypt and, and many other countries.

These were all financed and funded by, by Jews like Soros and, and these, um, some of the, uh, the State Department, the CIA, and the United States, for example. And um, you know there’s other examples. The Black Lives Matters [sic] movement. I mean, that one was entirely funded by George Soros and And now we’re seeing the same thing, uh, take place with a lot of these Trump rallies. And it’s just incredible. I don’t know if there’s been any, you know, conclusive proof to show that these people are getting paid. I know I’ve seen some articles written on the Internet that sort of allege that. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but, I mean, it’s pretty clear that this is an organized effort.

Heimbach: And we’re back. Alright. I was, I was just uh, I might’ve been talking to myself about the, uh, the fact that, uh, you know, it, it’s kind of sad in, in America where I was talking to some of my Romanian friends — and I saw this when I was there — that their Internet is, uh, frickin two or three or four times faster than in, like, Bucharest and stuff than it is here. Uh, so the former Soviet Bloc has better Internet than, uh, most of Middle America. And, you know, living in southern Indiana we’re blessed ’cause if you go just two hours south into Ken…you know, into Kentucky from where I live, uh, there’s a lotta folks that don’t have any high speed Internet. Um, which, which actually might be a good thing ’cause then they don’t get access to all of the, uh, the globalist propaganda.

Friend: You know, I wanted to make one quick comment. You had mentioned, uh, Codreanu, and his book is just absolutely phenomenal. That’s a must-read for all nationalists out there. For My Legionaries, pick up, uh, pick up a copy on Amazon and, and sit down and read that book. It’s, it’s phenomenal. It’s right up there with Mein Kampf. And I know exactly the quote that you’re talking about, where he’s talking about how democracy is controlled by the people who print the money and, on another point that he makes, it’s controlled by the people who own the media.

And, you know, the Jews have been able to advance their agenda against our race so effectively for so long because they’ve had a monopoly on information. They control the way in which the vast majority of people perceive the world that we live in. That, the way we perceive our history. And they’ve been able to weaponize the media and weaponize our historical narrative against us. And now, with the Internet and with websites like The Daily Stormer and TheRealistReport(dot)com, and many other sites out there, we’re able to compete with them and really challenge them in a big-time way. And, you know, people are starting to wake up, so it’s a very, um, a very positive development.

Heimbach: Well, exactly, I mean, and, you know it’s funny that you mention, you know, Cordreanu was talking about those who print the money and control the media, and in our country the same group of people has been able to pull off both. You know, one would have been allowing them to have huge disproportionate control over our system, but in this case our enemy has actually taken over both. Um, which just goes to show that they, they understand. I mean, you know, the…political knowledge is neutral as I’ve always said, and, um, you know, it works for either side.

You know, either a nationalist side or a globalist side; and the globalists have realized that they need to try and attempt from the very beginning of a kid being, you know, even, even just born, but you know two, three, four years old, going to preschool, that they need to start promoting their agenda. They need to start trying to control our minds, uh, with their mass media, with their processed food, with all the things that they put onto us, that’s what, that’s what they’re trying to do. You know? Um, to really…it, it’s Orwellian control, where they control every aspect of your life. I mean if you live in North Korea at least you realize that there is, like, you know, a government that is doing that to you from the very beginning. But our system is far more insidious, I feel, because they can pretend to have freedom of speech. They can pretend to have democracy, um, and, you know, exchange of ideas.

Friend: And, you know, this is why I think the Jews especially — but the media establishment, and the political establishment — this is why they’re so fearful of Donald Trump; because he is throwing a major wrench, and, and this, um…you know, in political correctness itself. I mean, when, when Trump got up there and responded to Megyn Kelly in that very first GOP debate, where he openly denounced political correctness and said that it’s destroying America — and you know, he doesn’t have time for political correctness I think is exactly what he said — that was really a revolutionary statement in my opinion; because again, they’ve been able to advance their agenda so effectively because they control the discourse, they control the narrative.

And Trump is challenging that and changing that. And he’s undermining that control in a big time way. And, you know, we’ve seen so many examples of this. I mean, almost every single day the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and the Southern Poverty Law Center — one or the other, or both, they seem to kinda work hand-in-hand, you know, if you follow what they do — um, you know, they’re, they’re releasing press releases, and giving interviews, and saying that Trump is mainstreaming quote unquote hate and racism and, you know, white supremacists are supporting Donald Trump and he’s opening up space for our ideas. And this is what scares them the most is they are losing control of the narrative.

Heimbach: Well exactly, I mean and, and the thing is, you know, we’re talking about before, uh, we got on the show about the idea of, you know, controlling and weaponizing language. You know, it’s, it’s…you know, we were talking about how American Free Press, the ADL and all these groups refer to it as, you know, like, uh, anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying and, and white supremacy [sic] and all these things, because they, they weaponize the language.

You know, when it comes to abortion it’s pro-choice and anti-choice. And no one wants to be anti-choice, you know people generally want to be positive. So they weaponized it into what is supporting literally the murder of now over fifty-six million unborn babies and calling it choice. While our demographic displacement i-is called diversity and, and multiculturalism, and, you know, everybody getting along with one another.

The, the enemy, through their control of the media has weaponized our language so strongly, and, and that’s the funny thing though. I think they’re runnin’ out of steam. I mean, there’s only so much coal you can put on the fire. And, you know, when it comes to our ideas, I mean I saw at the Donald Trump rally I went to a bunch of people, you know, from Kentucky that had signs about coal miners and wanting to reopen the coal mines, and coal keeps the lights on, and things like that. And, you know, these radical leftist protesters going up to them and talking about ‘Oh you’re a fascist. Oh you’re a white supremacist,’ oh, you know, every other buzz word. These people are talkin’ about jobs and opportunities and their communities.

Like, they, the Left can only use these buzz words so long, you know? Every time Israel drops a cruise missile on an elementary school or a hospital or, you know, things like that, and then to criticize the Zionist aggression as anti-Semitism, I mean there’s only so many Palestinian bodies, you know? There, there’s only so many, um, you know, white jobs that are shipped overseas. There’s only so many forced integrations of our communities before people realize that, even though they’ve weaponized our language, that these words don’t mean anything. They’re not actually talking about absolutes, they’re talking about their opinions.